Winter Beddown

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    I will probably mow one more time this year with my "Z" before putting it up for the winter. It will be inside and not exposed to the elements. The temps. here will get to around 20 degrees for a few days max unless we have an unusual winter. Are there any special precations I should take? I normally crank and run all my power equipment every three or four weeks during the winter and have never had a major problem getting everything going when spring gets here. I plan on changing the oil, greasing everything, and keeping the gas tanks full to prevent condensation. I have never had to deal with a hydraulic "Zero Turn" before and just want to make sure there is nothing special I shoud do. With the mild winters here in Miss. I even have to break out the mower and mow the area around the septic tank sometimes. I will probably use the old 12 year old Snapper for that. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Put some Stabil in the gas tank. This will help!
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