Winter clean-ups?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cos, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. cos

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    I still have a few more clean ups that I have to finish. Anybody else having a hell of time with leaves? The snow really diminished any chances of me finishing in December. There is alot of rain in the forcast and I have no idea when I will finish.

    Give me a break El Nino!!!!!!
  2. Turfdude

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    I don't have a fromal total, but I have a little over 100 left. We can get 4 larger properties done in a day, or up to 12 medium to small ones w/ a 6 man crew. All of the properties had the leaves off the turf areas the week before Thanksgiving, its just the beds that are real bad as well as whatever has blown around prior to curbside collection. BTW, most townships are still collecting around here.

  3. rodfather

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    Even if there still is curbside pickup, I would be afraid to leave anything.

    We had that freaky snow storm back in the first week of December and the plow trucks came along and threw all the leaves back up on people's yards. What a mess that was.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Cleanups are going super slow for me. Between snow,rain,wind and leaves being late coming down, I still have 15 cleanups left out of 50 total. Leaves just aren't moving with the blower. Way too wet. I'm afraid some of these cleanups will turn into spring cleanups. Last year I was through with my cleanups by Thanksgiving.
  5. General Grounds

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    :blob3: wow im gald im not alone, the kicker of all is the people calling asking why we have'nt showed yet asking if all is okay. if i count up all the days missed due to weather i would say we lost 15 or so just in dec. we've been doing the cleanups with little leaves because our larger ones will be impossible. havent used my leaf loader due to how wet the leaves have been. the weather is frustrating but the lack of common sense by some is even more frustrating. tony
  6. Turfdude

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    Clarification: Although curbside collection is still happening, I am not placing anything curbside, just vacuuming up & hauling to site. Oh yeah, we charge for driver & disposal too!!

  7. Evan528

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    I Still have about 8 more to do also. For the 10 years Ive been in this business I have always raped up leaf cleanups by the first week of December. Everytime the snow melts and I go back to work we either get rain or we got another snow storm Christmas eve....Cant quit do a cleanup with 3ft snow banks on peoples lawns.:rolleyes:
  8. Doogiegh

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    Yeah. I thought I was alone.

    It's my first year out, and I have 5 to go. 2 of which I consider to be major ones, possibly testing my equipments capabilities, but the money appears to be good. I have to see what actually happens, but they look good when the estimate went out.

    Of these 5, they are not my regular lawn customers. So if they want to call someone else who can get there faster, fine. I told them I'll be there on a weekend, but the weekends keep rolling past and every one is shot. I did some work 2 weeks ago, now there was more snow Xmas eve. Now it melted and has rained non-stop today 1/1/2003. More rain listed for Friday and wind on Saturday. If the ground and leaves are going to be that wet and or windy, this weekend will be out as well. So now we roll over to 1/11/2003.. And the beat goes on.

    I can't wait to start complaining about "Spring Growth" once again. :)

  9. MOW ED

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    To answer the question, No. WOW. My stuff has been sleeping and I am getting a little rounder since before Thanksgiving.

    The latest I have ever been out is the first week of December and that was only once.

    I'd rather have an early spring than a late fall.
  10. Scraper

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    Feel better now Dana? :p

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