Winter deer repellant sprays

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JimmyStew, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I have a large residential property that I maintain that has a very healthy deer population in the area. I frequently arrive at the home to find as many as 6 or seven deer foraging on areas of the lawn. They've become very accustomed to humans and rarely scurry off unless I come screeching into the driveway. Hosta's are impossible to grow on the property, but otherwise they leave everything alone...except the arborvitae...but only during the winter. There are several plants that were nibbled to sticks when I took over the property but since wrapping in burlap every winter they have come back nicely. There are also several growing around the electrical substation that have never really been eaten (I assume the constant hum or keeps them at bay).

    I'd like to find a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to wrapping with the burlap and have seen a number of sprays including Liquid Fence, Deer Stopper and others. According to my research, this site included, most seem to be fairly effective, but I'm worried about how well they will work over the winter since I most likely will not be able to reapply them once the snow flies. Any thoughts on how well they will hold up over that time period?
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    We use Spottreat, which is a fungicide labeled as a deer repellent. It will leave a white film until may. That is the only down side but it works.

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