Winter doldrums

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. Charles

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    Happens every year, except this year is worse. Worked off and on in december due to inclement weather. The slowest december in 3 years. Now customers are starting to call again. Still the work is sporadic. I just have that hibernation feeling at this time of year. I like consistancy when I am working. This 2 day a week thing is a pain in the azz. I am sore the next day from being out of shape and the little bit of money coming in is not very motivating. I have to load up the large bagger and ladder yada yada yada run across town for one or 2 jobs. BIg whup! Tired of doing leaves and gutters in the freezing cold. After december I usually have every customer finished up and am looking forward to spring. With just a few jobs to do its just ho hum take the phone off the hook time.
    I know some of you are having this problem too. You get to a job and they are alot of limbs to be picked up as well as the leaves and frozen gutters. I have a few jobs to do today(its alot warmer outside near 40) after doing one all week and friday is NOT the time i like to start the work week.. Well enough whining and procastinating.... LOL. Anyone else in a rut??
  2. Green Finger

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    Hey Charles,

    What does LOL mean at the end of your Threads.
  3. TGCummings

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    LOL means Laughing Out Loud.

    Charles, I do know what you mean. We all go through our times of doldrums, particularly when things are slow and we begin to occupy ourselves with mundane things.

    I have found this last year that one thing that helps me is to set aside those M-F 8:00-5:00 hours as work time, specifically. Even when things are cold and rainy, or growth is slow I try to use that time for things like web page work, equipment maintenance, business research, et. al. That way I stay in 'business' mode and am better ready when those calls come in. Trying to stay focused seems to help.

    I know it's hard, 'cuz this time of year is play-time, but you've still got your weekends, evenings, and holidays. :)

  4. bdemir

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    great advice TG.

    Charles how bout a vacation?

    Getting away helps to get mind of things ,then when you get back with more energy it will be time to get to work again.

  5. Charles

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    Thanks for the advice TGC, Bdemir. Greenfinger the internet uses alot of shorthand stuff.
  6. osc

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    I'll load up the Dane and be down in the morning. No joke. You could subcontract to me and kick back. I'm about to loose it being indoors
  7. powerreel

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    Hey Charles, you should move to Seattle, it's 50 something and POA is starting up. I think it's almost time for LIQUID IRON! Spring is a comin' early- I'm getting the reel ground.
  8. TJLC

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    Been there, done that. I feel for you guys in the north. Cabin fever sucks. It's been chilly in the mornings here but it usually warms to 60 -70 deg.#1 reason we moved south. WEATHER!
  9. Charles

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    I think it has more to do with seasonal affective disorder(SAD). All the holidays, sun slanting, routine disruption. I seem to perk up around the middle of february when the sun begins get higher up in the sky. Every winter I say i am going to do this and that and never do anything most year. A couple of times i travelled across the country and stayed for awhile. But that didn't improve anything. Time does fly this time of year though.
  10. MOW ED

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    In all seriousness, talk to a Doc and maybe he can give you an Rx for SAD. It is a fact that people have this and it doesn't mean that you are crazy. Give it a try you will be surprised. Good Luck.

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