Winter ending

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by zak406, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. weeze

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    the weather is just palying games with us now and laughing all the way. last week it got up to 75 here and everyone is like yeah spring and then this week in the 20s-30s and snow flurries.
  2. JContracting

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    I'm so glad that storm missed us in MN!!
    I've been wearing a t-shirt & shorts every day and if I go outside I'll wear a sweatshirt, gotta think summer!!

    Mid to upper 30s today and then warming through this weekend into the upper 40s, but a slight cooldown early next week, looks like upper 30s for highs next Monday for the Twins home-opener (what the local news is talking about at the end of every forecast), hopefully it continues to warm after that!

    Last year today (the Tuesday before the wknd of Apr. 1st), we started on the first job of the year, a 450 sq ft patio, wrapped that up on Saturday, and also completed another install that Sunday and it had to have been 75 degrees that Sunday!
    If it continues to warm next week, I may send some of my EDDM out late next week. I was thinking the week of Mon. Apr. 8th to get out working with an irri & landscape install and then when soil temps warm to 50 degrees, clean ups & pre-em apps but I think we'll be pushed out another week.

    Time will tell, in the mean time, most of my equipment is ready to go, just awaiting some parts I bought online yesterday to be delivered and renewal proposals to arrive via mail as I've only rec'd 1 of the 20+ sent. Thankfully I have the book "Green Side Up" to read after finishing "E Myth: Landscape Contractor".
  3. PostcardMania

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    That's great! Good luck with your campaign!!! If you ever need any assistance with EDDM or other marketing let me know. Here's a link with some great info to make sure your EDDM mailing goes smoothly and gets you results:
  4. GRPM LLC.

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    This time last year I had a half dozen clean-ups done already and was in my first full week of mowing. Starting my second clean-up today, and will finish job tomorrow. Looking at 2 full pickup loads of leaves and grasses, more wind than I would like, might make things more difficult. I'm in pretty good shape to start the season. Everything was fully winterized in mid Dec. , and I have already had the trailer out and equipment running. I don't see mowing for 3 weeks and that may be only a partial schedule. Still have a few annual mulch jobs / clean-up to keep busy until then.
  5. brc1989

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    I'm in northern Ohio as well and were not planning to start mowing till April 22nd which seems like forever away at this point
  6. GRPM LLC.

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    Yeah, just finished up an annual clean-up today. Looking at things ( state of the lawns and long range weather forecast) I agree with the week of the 22nd. for a full mowing schedule. Perhaps a partial schedule for the 15th. - 19th. , what a contrast from last year. I have enough to do between now and then, the season has started for me. Can't wait for Thanksgiving !

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