Winter $income?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rowdyz92, Sep 4, 2012.

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    There are a lot of seasonal camps near me on lakes and the ocean. Companies will check on camps to make sure everything is fine (no downed trees, vandalism etc...) then they phone the customer after every month or if they find a problem. This way if there is little snow someone is keeping an eye on the property while the owner is away. Also our plow contracts are commercial/municipal and I can see how it would be hard to explain why you only plowed a driveway three or four times this season.

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    I relax and eat a lot of chinese food, if it snows its a bonus, if not i just sit there and play call of duty.
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    I like the way you think!
  4. petscanning

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    i offered free rye seeding last winter for those who contracted and mowed weekly thru the winter here. stuff grows all winter. that stuff grows fast
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    And I do. I would love to go to the beach in the summer, but Ill take the winter time I guess. Sometimes I get a part time job to pass the time. My down time is Thanksgiving day till the end of Feb.
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    cut firewood..... started doing that a couple years ago and we usually sell about 25 cords from Nov through Feb.
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    Theres money in junk removal

    junkremovalstartup . com
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    You can always speak with your current customers about "possible winter projects". I sat around last winter waiting on snow and went nuts. This winter, provided decent weather, Im enlarging about 12 chain link gates to get my 52" into all my properties. Got a 120' drain tile job and a few patio jobs. If it gets to cold or snows, great! If not I got plenty to do. If it does snow then all these projects will be moved to March and April and I was clear to all my customers that either was a possibility.
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    i don't know about doing that... it would be nice to not have to worry about the utility bills every month, but once you give them money and there is some kind of mistake on the bill i'd fear even more of a headache trying to get the money credited back. i just make sure that all my insurances are paid out in advance such as commercial auto, personal policy for my wifes car, liability insurance.. etc.. to avoid those installment fees and not to have to worry about another monthly bill.

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    call of duty brown underwear lol

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