Winter lawn care???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sailorslawncare, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. sailorslawncare

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    What are some good services to offer for winter in warmer winter parts of the country???? (no snow):nono:
  2. kpetzold

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    hey sailor, im over here in rockport area, you findin any good deals on used commercial equip over there .

    STRINGALATION LawnSite Senior Member
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    how a bout basic land scape construction like cutting flower beds to get ready for spring. also a good time to get rid of shrubs and stuff. i have found that alot of my customers cannot afford to do every thing at once but like the idea of sections or phases
  4. scalpit77

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    Cutting perennials back, deep pruning of trees and shrubs, adding flagstone, mulch, etc. pathways. Removing dead plant material and replacing, adding new plant material, pressure washing, gutter cleaning,...............
  5. Crusis

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    That's an idea that my wife and I believe in too. We just finished a nice brick lined bed in front of a customers house after doing two islands in their front lawn a few weeks ago. We do a section, charge them, give them an idea for the next improvement, let them think it over, and they call to get it done. We're about to post up the new bed on our website. We underbid this because we're pretty noobish still and didn't realize JUST how hard a brick bed is to do. But I guess that's called learning.

    Regardless, sections/phases works well. We already have them sold on a rosebed, a small bit of landscaping around their back patio, and a small timber retaining wall behind their house to hold hedges so they don't see their back neighbors crappy lawn.

    It's keeping us busy, too bad we can't be in ten places at once for jobs like this between the time grass stops and Winter begins.

    We're not in the warmer part of the country, unfortunately. Our next service up is gutter cleaning and leaf removal, then snow removal sometime after that.

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