Winter Maintenance on Machines

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ZX12R, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. ZX12R

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    Does anyone still do the following? Every winter,I use to really tear into the equipment.I would take the head of and de-carbonize everything,change the plug,gap it,new oil of course,remove the ignition coil,clean the contact points with emery cloth and re-gap it,and clean the magnetic pick-up on the flywheel with emery cloth.

    A few seasons ago,when taking the head off a Kawi motors with overhead valves,the head was almost spotless compared to a motor with convetional valves.I then decided to go every two years on these motors.So,last winter I pull the head and its still very clean,so,I figure I will now go overy third year with de-carbonizing.

    I guess my point is that technology has come a long way in our business.Outside of the oil and air filter changes,spark plugs changed every year,and the routine maintenance such as greasing fittings,I do much less maintenance than I use to,which leaves me more time to do other things like read this site.:D
  2. DieselDeere

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    That's about all I do.
  3. Shuter

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    All get new oil, plugs, and filters. Mowers get new belts.
  4. Lbilawncare

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    We only de-carbonize our 2-cycle equip. The mowers get scrubbed clean and electrical connections checked/dielectric greased. Most get new tires, other than that just routine maintenance-oil, filters (fuel filter is important), belts, etc..
    We also inventory what we have on hand such as belts and filters and order what is necessary. We also make sure that every blade we own is checked for straightness and sharpened.

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