Winter months

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lcooper, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. birddseedd

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    I prefer to own my equipment. less liability, less cash flow issues, more profit
  2. trock

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    Great glad that works for you sorry winter is not easy for you.
  3. birddseedd

    birddseedd LawnSite Silver Member
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    It gets better every year. last year i wish i woulda just effen welded my 4x4 together. it woudla worked

    i have the parts now. just didnt get them till the end of winter so was no point in takign the time. ill need to get it fixed. lookin at upgrading the controls and pump on my plow, and going over the plow and doing some referb work. the more i work on it the less issues i have. last year wasnt that bad, esspicialy seeing as the guys i did some work for lost 2 tranies.

    as i mentioned elseware, im building a foundation. a time will come when i want a new truck i just write cash for it. but unlike most, i will keep it and take care of it. which in michigan will involve some under body work :)
  4. Charles

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    The last of the leaves are done here by January 10th. Sometimes the mowing season starts in early March and sometimes by the 15. So not much downtime but it seems like an eternity when no weather events happen ie snow or ice. Rarely do we have a plow event. The state only plows the main roads so the back road people can be iced/snowed in for a week. Landscapers make a little extra money then using their bobcats doing parking lots etc We haven't even had a severe ice storm in years so cleanups cannot be counted on. Winters are not near as cold as they were 15 to 20 years ago on average. Climate change or a long time weather pattern change has really ruined winter in my area. Just mild and dull. This Summer has been very different, so maybe Winter will be different:clapping:
  5. birddseedd

    birddseedd LawnSite Silver Member
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    here's hoping
  6. Billscaping

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    50 weeks a year here
  7. 32vld

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    Cleans up done first week December. Vacation before Christmas not happening. Same for the week up to new years. Snow work is hit or miss depending on the year. Do not like going away and not being there to if it snows because I have people that count on me. March still can snow and spring clean ups start.
  8. ReddensLawnCare

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    Not trying to be to much of an azz but you are an open book on here. You have complained about breakdowns, money issues, customers issues, and a lot of crap. How are you in any position to give advice to someone about running his business. You don't know his PM, Debt to asset ratio, liquidity, sales, ROI, or his desired salary. I'm not just saying this for you but most people who try to give "sound" business advice on here. Rant over
  9. Luke S.

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    We do resi snow and run a old 92 lariat for the few commercial lots we service. Resi is all 1 stages and shovels, but its set up so each team can generate $120-150 per hour. For us, it's all about separating the contracts out between full season per pay, monthly, and per push. That way we get paid no matter what, then when it dumps, we really $$$.

    Being in Minnesota, its impossible to not do snow. Gotta keep the guys on somehow....
  10. weeze

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    mow march-october here. do leaves in nov and early december. take off christmas through feb. only about 2 months really. it flies by. before you know it, it's time to start again.

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