Winter months

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lcooper, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. ReddensLawnCare

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  2. Toro 455

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    Redden; Great pics. My wife always wanted a salt water aquarium. Much more color & variety than her fresh water tanks.

    Winter's a good time to pursue our passions.
  3. jay albers

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    I have a ski resort close by so work there in winter, I also officiate high school sports in the winter ( wrestling) which does pretty good on weekends.

    Alot of places hire temps for Xmas ,

    I do about 5 driveways with a blower to, ( I did the plowing thing but hated it) I like the blower way better

    I teach a couple classes at the gym to

    I don't make a lot of money at any of these but together it's not bad, also it keeps me busy and there things I enjoy doing
  4. ReddensLawnCare

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    Those are rcgm's pics. I just commented on them
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  5. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    Outside of running the skid for my dad when we have big snows and running the bush hog for a local farmer, I plan on selling christmas trees this winter and that should be a great part time job considering the location. There are alot of thing you can do to make money in the winter. I also plan on getting my CDL licence this winter. CDL's are very valuable.
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    I'm really curious why you like snow blowing better than plowing with a truck.

    I do residential driveway and sidewalk snow relocation with blowers myself. This year I need to hit it hard.

    Not much love over on plowsite for those who run blowers only. :rolleyes:

    Any input appreciated.

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  7. Middle Tennessee Lawn

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    Very fortunate not much down time here after leaf clean-ups end, maint. Work goes on Jan. And Feb. And any installs then March mulching,fertilizing and mowing all going again. Best case miss 2 weeks total work all winter.
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  8. 205mx

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    You drive that black f150 and shop at the Kroger by target? Parkway commons.
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  9. RSK Property Maintenance

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    i just got back from 5 days in key west. that was my time off, then its 7 days a week until it rains or snows or I finish all my work then I have time off again until it snows which could be december or it could be january, either way winter is the time off, if it snows i work for 24-30 hours then I have a time off again until it snows again, in ct we could get 5 big storms or 3 small ones of 7 or 8 small storms either way i'm A ok with it!
  10. Middle Tennessee Lawn

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    No sir I have all white trucks and live in Greenbrier
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