Winter mowing


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Hello everyone,

Its been awhile since I've posted. I have been working on my website and the holidays have of course kept me busy with my family.

I have a quick question regarding winter mowing. I constantly see guys still out mowing. There's even a property in my neighborhood that gets mowed about ever two weeks.

I was just curious to HOW do I get accounts where I can continue mowing in the winter? and how often do you usually mow?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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I wont say that I am running any kinda full 2 week rotation right now but I do have yards that I still mow every other week.

Easiest way to have growth to the last possible moment is fertilize. I dont mean just put a bag down every spring..... I mean put a bag down in the spring and I have blazing dry summers so the grass starts to wane in the middle of summer. At the point the grass starts to wane, fertilize it.

3 times a year seems to do the trick in my region. Spring, Summer and before the first freeze of winter. Every now and again you might have to treat for grubs or any of malady that accompany good grass growth.

But dont get me to lying cause I watch the night time temps like a hawk. As soon as the night time temps go below 70, St. Augustine grass stops growing no matter how much fertilizer you put down. Then the weeds kick in and I know I have about a month and a half of winter before I can start all over again.


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Try soliciting customers with cool season grass. I will mow mine tomorrow Kentucky blend. Zoysia and bermuda short season but plenty of mowing. If it appears green now it is probably cool season even down south, Good luck.