Winter Prep for Centipede

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by KFX450RXC, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. KFX450RXC

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    This year, my own yard has been almost completely run over by centipede. I LOVE IT.

    Its pushing the bermuda out and its taking over the crabgrass. I have almost 2 acres and every year, it seems to double in size. I have fields I mow on both sides of my yard and its branching out into there as well.

    This may be totally unnecessary. But on the last cut of the season, would you mow the centipede low, let it get a little high, or just mow it one more time at normal height? Centipede is so easy to maintain that I almost feel guilty. Seems the more I neglect it, the better it performs. If there's a better way to prep it for winter, its the least I can do.

    By the way. I'm in central NC. Winters here can maybe see three to four single digit temps but usually the coldest is in the teens. Average lows are more around the 20s and 30s.
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  2. ArTurf

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    Don't mow low. If anything a little higher. My theory is if there's a little more on the top it will protect the stolons somewhat and you can mow the dead top off when it comes out of dormancy
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  3. dKoester

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    I second this statement! Great advice.
  4. OP

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    Then that's what I'll do. A little higher but neat. We've been getting into some 30s at night this week so they're looking like they're ready for a long winter's nap.
  5. ArTurf

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    It's prob not gonna grow much from this point on so stay off it with mowers and such if possible. I've seen people damage dormant grass by excess traffic if the winter. Remember Centipede does not have rhizomes only stolons so it will not tolerate wear like Bermuda or Zoysia
  6. takervader

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    Leave it alone, do nothing. If the soil needed any kind of treatment, do that during winter, but it sounds like it likes the soil and its acidic enough for it as it is.

    I let any summer grass grow taller as its going into dormancy. If you normally cut at 2", let it go to 2.5-2.75". 3" if you really want.

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