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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by bad93blaster, Nov 20, 2013.

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    i have a couple of wilden m8 pumps and honda trash pump kicking around the garage i was think of making a sealcoating setup. just as a winter project something to do. it looks pretty simple my only concern would be the tank i have never seen the inside of one. need ideas on the paddle/wipers. i seen a tank on cl that looked pretty cool. it looked like a 275gal oil tank with a double aggregation any thoughts on that?
  2. nashlawn01

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    Could always plumb it back to tank from pump so it recirculates so everything doesn't settle at bottom
  3. joeE

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    If you want full sweep agitation, you need to put a 4 bolt bearing W/seals. in the center of both ends. That will hold your cold rolled shaft ( 1&1/2" for 300 gal, 2" for 500 gal). To that shaft you will weld 2 or 4 paddles about 3 ft long. I use only 2 and get a little vortex going. Use a chunk of 3ft angle to ALMOST scrape the side of tank. Weld 2 chunks of angle or square stock between the shaft and paddle, keep them a little short so your paddle wont scrape the tank. If you want you can add a 3ft x 4in chunk of convayer belt to the paddles for wipers. The manway should be large enough to allow you to weld up your 3 pc paddle in advance and slip it inside the tank. Then you only have to make 2welds per paddle inside the tank. Place them 180deg offset. Dont forget to keep enough shaft sticking out for sprocket mounting. I like rubber wipers in my storage tanks but I see wear marks in the tank if I use them with sand. So I dont. If you use one inch of clearance, you will have one inch of sludge build up, sounds bad until you run out of sealer with only 30 ft to go and find that you can add some water to that sludge & mix it up & finish the job....... GOOD LUCK to ya.
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    joeE do you recommend any bearings in particular?
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  5. joeE

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    Northern tool catalog sells nortrac pillow block 4 bolt bearings... 1&1/2" for $18. and 2" for $25 (pg 319). Its a slow rotation so high quality bearings are not needed. You can make seals by cutting some 1/8"-1/4" sheet rubber the same size as the bearing block, then cut your shaft hole about a 1/8" to small so its "tight" on the shaft. If yuor going to use rubber wipers, you can put them on befor putting the wiper system in the tank. Notch the leg ends to fit the round shaft, when yuo install them you will push down to bend the rubber wiper & kinda snap the legs (with notches) onto the shaft. It will stay inplace for welding. I like to weld a extra support to each leg where it joins the shaft. Use a 2" x 12" chunk of steel, weld it on the leg on the front side, let about 3" hang below the leg.Now heat that 3" section & bend it around the shaft & weld.
  6. joeE

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    I too think a 275 gal fuel oil tank would make a excellent sealer tank for a P.U. truck. Lay it flat in truck bed. After years of thought......I still cant find a way to make it work properly. Anybody have any ideas ?

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