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Winter rates for labor, good or bad idea?


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Southern Indiana
Past two years Ive advertised 20% discounted "winter Rates" as an effort to increase winter work. Here in southern Indiana we can usually do most landscaping all year, but customers dont think of it in winter. Well its working as Im keeping busy, so much that I may need to start looking at hiring back a worker or two. The part of this story that doesnt settle well with me is that a month ago I laid off my workers so I can solo in winter with no employee concerns (flexability, work when I want, no payroll). Customers now expect a discount, but with workers the profit will suffer & I may be shooting myself in the foot. If I stay solo, I may need to turn work away and most are long time customers. I should not have offered a discount, but offered something to stimulate business for this time of year in a different way that will still be attractive to them but not back fire for me. One thought was to advertise that all work will be performed by myself, however that would set a tone that work performed by my workers is inferior. Next year I will probably just increase advertising to get winter results. Any other ideas?