Winter run down - lots of stuff - lots of pics

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    Would be interested in seeing some pictures of the leaf loaders with some info
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    Thanks man,
    Here's some of the leaf stuff

    - billly goat 14/18 leaf loader - same dimensions as the 18hp vanguard but powered by a 14hp subaru. We bought it because the price was a few hundred cheaper than the 18hp and the subaru engine would be cheaper to replace. It has the pirahna blade and the serrated impeller. We fitted a tailgate hanger to it from an older unit that shows some age but it's handy to be able to hang on a barn door setup. Great unit $1750 2 years old. 10 inch by 10 foot suction hose and we have an extra height extension for the discharge that's never been installed

    - giant vac towable leaf loader with wisconsin engine. Not sure on the hp but I think it's 19hp and some ridiculous amount of torque. This has a 10 inch intake and 7 inch discharge with a very deep impeller that flows a ton of air. Engine runs perfect and impeller is near perfect. This was privately owned before we bought it and was our spare - only used a couple times. I took pics of the impeller to show the limited use. $1500

    - billy goat 10hp leaf loader. 8 inch by 12 foot vacuum hose with 5-6 inch discharge. New engine a few years back that runs great still but the impellar shows wear and should be replaced for more suction and finer shredding $500 firm

    - 2 giant vac 10-11 hp leaf loaders. 1 has a suspected good engine that needs a pullstart and the other has a better impeller and housing $500 for both

    - 2 8hp giant vac push blowers with good engines that havent been used for a couple years. Both fired over and ran a few seconds on a shot of starting fluid but that's all the time I put into them this year. $500 for both - assume a carb or two and at least one or two tires to make them both fully operational. Will sell 1 for $300 your choice

    - 8hp little wonder blower needs pull start and tires $225 - assume it needs a tuneup too but I wrapped a cord around the recoil and it fired over with 1 pull and a shot of starting fluid

    - 5hp little wonder blower needs pull start - has newer engine $200

    unnamed (22).jpg

    unnamed (23).jpg

    unnamed (25).jpg

    unnamed (26).jpg

    unnamed (28).jpg

    unnamed (38).jpg

    unnamed (39).jpg

    unnamed (34).jpg
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    Here are some as it sits right now - you can the the bagger sitting in front of it. I think I have pics of it all cleaned up on this site but can't find them on the computer to re-upload them.

    unnamed (30).jpg

    unnamed (31).jpg
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    Dent on the gmc...

    And stock wheels with four good e-rated tires. Pic shows 1 front and 1 rear tire for comparison. I think we may have lost the centercaps for these - can't find them as of now so assume they don't come with them. These are for sale separately but I'll include them as a fair trade for the dent. 245-75-16 - good for snow tires and wheels

    unnamed (51).jpg

    unnamed (52).jpg

    unnamed (18).jpg

    unnamed (19).jpg
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    Superduty bed has zero rust on the fenders but there is a little dent on one. Also a dent on drivers front fender and door that doesn't stand out too much. Interior is good with no tears but it's a no frills truck with roll up windows and no cruise control. Ac works though. 60/40 fabric bench seat. 5.4 v8 - probably on the second or third motor and trans as it runs like a much newer truck than the mileage would suggest. 2000 rpm at 70 mph so 3.73 rear end I think. Very clean frame and 4 wheel disk brakes - good truck to put a dump insert in as tare weight and bed height are low but gvw is high.

    '96 is a dana 60 front axle and dana 80 rear with 68,000 miles on it

    unnamed (58).jpg

    unnamed (60).jpg

    unnamed (61).jpg

    unnamed (62).jpg

    unnamed (63).jpg

    unnamed (54).jpg

    unnamed (56).jpg

    unnamed (55).jpg
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    Where in Pa are you located?
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    Interested in the dodge. How is interior? Any rust? How's the tranny?
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    Hey Junior,
    The interior is a 9 out of 10 only because the drivers seat has a tear

    It does have the beginnings of rust at the bottom lip of the drivers door - passengers is clean last I checked. For up here it's very clean but I can't claim that it's a southern truck. The frame is good all the way around and so is the hitch. This truck never salted but did plow 2004, 2005, and 2006 and plowing with the window open is what leads to that rust bubble on the door - water gets in but it can't get out.

    Trans is perfect in every way and has a billet converter and a temp guage on the a-pillar (along with boost and egt).

    You didn't ask but the injection pump was replaced after 115k and it's about to get a new radiator (old one has a pinhole).

    Feel free to give me a call - I remember watching your old threads in the heavy equipment forum - I'll give you the rundown on everything I know. I'm the second owner and the history is clean.

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