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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by bradsmowing, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Will be planting perennial Rye this week at a stable that is occupied Jan - April.
    Looks great, but is a N hog so constant feeding is required or else it gets rust fungus pretty bad. It starts to check out in late april-may. It hangs on longer if kept moist/shade.
    I don't like to overseed St A, because the rye gives too much competition.
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    How many lbs per k do you guys seed annual ryegrass at?
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    I have not had a lot of Over seed experience. Our St Augustine turf stays pretty green all winter long. We have a year round growing season. I have heard that 4 pound of Rye per thousand sq ft is the over seed rate that doesn't chock out the Perennial turf.

    Years ago when I lived in Louisiana and I did Over seed my pasture with Feed Oats not Seed Oats. Feed Oats will germinate about 65% and Seed Oats about 85% so there was no advantage to buying Seed Oats. I used standard Race Track Oats which means they are clean oats. Cost wise Oats were a great saving over Rye and my horses Ate it the same as Rye. I never fertilized the Oats but then I had Gumbo Mud and didn't fertilize any thing. BTW Deer loved the Oats better than Rye. PS.. Oats are more yellow in color than Rye.
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    Kind of off subject, but how much seed can a bird eat? I had one of the banks call after I put down rye and asked if I had put bird seed on their lawn because there had been birds everywhere. Well Sat I saw what they were talking about. We had to put out 11 yards of mulch and the whole time we were there hundreds of birds were all over the place. It just got me to wondering in a weeks time how much of the seed could they eat?
  5. Ric

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    I might be wrong but I believe Birds eat their own weight each day.

    In Edit

    Bird Control is a skill all by it's self. Just the other night was a story on the News about Birds roosting on a Telephone Tower. The problem was all attemps to chase them had not worked. They even had a Horn go off every 15 minute that drove the town's people Crazy. Nothing seems to work. I know this small town and it has had that problem for years.
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    I have an account that I overseeded it with ryegrass the day I aerated it. Got a great stand in some spots and not so great in others. I've been hesitant to use ryegrass simply because the few times I've overseeded with it, I've gotten patchy results.
  7. Plantculture

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    What was your base turf? how old was the seed? What was the day and night temp when you seeded? How much did you water? Did it get pithium? What soil prep did you do besides verifying?
  8. Ric

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    I have a customer who's daughter is having a wedding in March at his home. His turf is the typical Bahia weed patch we get here because of our high pH soils. He is planning on over seeding with Rye just for the wedding. He really isn't concerned with recovery of his turf. He lives on acreage and is happy with green weeds except for this wedding in his yard with Tents etc.

    So Not having a lot of experience with over seeding, are you applying heavy N because of heavy forage by the horses?? Or will I be able to keep perennial rye green with Iron and Nitrogen?? Is Rust fungus typical of Perennial? or are you causing it by high Nitrogen and needing to apply more N to grow out of the Rust caused by the N? In other words are you causing the rust problem by trying to feed the horses??
  9. tillerstick

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    On your selection of rye. You may want to try an intermediate rye. It grows a little taller than the perennial, so it is better seen over taller established turf. It is also a lot less expensive per pound. Make sure to get a good clean variety such as Froghair, or Lesco's Midway. Want to make sure that weed seed is not in the bag.

    Rye is also a water hog, so if there are still major watering restrictions in FL, be careful.
  10. Ric

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    Tillerstick (Sail Boater??)

    Thanks for the education. I never heard of intermediate rye.

    The problem here is the customer is getting his seed from a golf course. A lot of it is last years seed that wasn't used. Wedding are super expensive and he is trying to cut costs as much as possible. I have a bunch of Brass impact sprinklers from my old nursery that can be hooked up by hoses. The customer has a well so Watering costs and restrictions are no problem since he has 5 acres agriculture zoned. However Fertilizer costs are a major concern as is any money he must take out of his pocket. After this guy contacted from a Networking lead, I found out I was friends with his older brother way back in the day. Therefore He is getting special pricing or friendship deal.

    BTW I already burned off the existing weeds so there should be very little competition. There shouldn't be a need for a Higher growing rye.

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