Winter Rye issue?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bunton Guy, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    I seeded my personal yard with what I had left over from some clients yards. It took roughly 14-18 days for it to germinate with the nights being in the 40's and the days being in the 60-70's. I gave it water every other day for 15 minutes.

    My issue is the Rye finally started to germinate a few weeks ago but no growth after that. It has gotten colder in the Carolinas down to around high 30's low 40's at night and low 60's during the day. I have about 2" of non mature growth that seems to be stunted. I didn't think that winter annual rye would go dormant with the colder weather? I planted it last year and my older home and it did great in the cold weather. I had to mow it through the winter once a week.

    Should I put down another app of starter fert?

    The seed was Lesco annual rye with lesco starter fert.

    The soil is clay
  2. Bunton Guy

    Bunton Guy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Would throwing out some lime affect the rye at all?
  3. txgrassguy

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    Quite simply, your soil temperatures have gotten too low to support C3 turfgrass growth.
    Do a search on the internet for soil temperatures as related to grass type and you will see what I mentioned.
  4. Bunton Guy

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    Its a cool season turf shouldn't it thrive in the " cool season " ??

    Last year like I said I had to cut my grass almost twice a week from December all the way through march and on...

    This year it hasen't gone past maybe 2" of growth tops. I haven't even had to cut it once since I seeded over a month ago.

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Well I seeded my personal yard with lesco rye and it looks awsome. Which blend did you use Eagleblend or Midway? Of course here the lows are in the 40's and highs in the 60's and 70's so its growing like crazy.
  6. ed2hess

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    If it gets started and established it will take the 40F and keep growing but if it is trying to come up it will be tough. We put fertilize when we seed and about every 30 days there on. Due to water restrictions in our area we planted late waiting for colder temp and the results that the stand is worse on some properties. It will last year rye will be used in our area.
  7. Bunton Guy

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    ED2hess: We had the same thing. Lack of rain threw us into mid october to aerate and overseed about 30% of our clients. The rest will get it in the spring.

    My personal lawn was done in october right as the temps were getting lower. What kind of fert should I hit it with? when I seeded I had put down lesco 18-24-12 along with the eagleblend lesco rye seed.

    I was wanting to put out maybe a few bags of sustane? & some lime
    Or maybe winterizer? Our property is new....the house is 1 year old and the ground prior to us being here was hay fields.

    Im thinking I need to do a soil test and start to treat and get back to where it needs to be for spring and do another aeration in the spring. (tall fescue)
  8. Mscotrid

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    I wouldn't put down any lime unless you have soil test result giving you a recommendation.
  9. Marcos

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    I 2nd that.

    And just because you have 'clay' soil doesn't necessarily mean that it is 'nutrient poor'.

    I think you should hold off a little while and wait until if /when your dormant seeding season starts. (Ours in Ohio is starting now)
    Then you can duplicate your seed type again over top of what you have now.
    I don't recommend using much, if any more rye!

    You'll just have to remember to delay your pre-emergent round in the spring '08 until later, or use Dimension later, or spray 'Drive' after crabgrass etc. has emerged.
  10. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    We use Lesco as advisor....all areas are different we start with a slow nitrogen release then go to sulfate after it gets going. Then every days we do sulfate if we really want it real green. On some accounts who pay less we hold back on fertilize because we don't want to mow weekly.

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