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Winter Rye

Southern Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
Have had some request to drop spread winter rye grass this fall (my first season in business) and was wondering what you guys charge for such a job. The way that I have priced my first two customers is to charge them 3 times the price of the normal cutting price, plus materials. The job requires cutting very low/bag, scratch the surface with a rake and then use a drop spreader to sew the seed. Not sure if I'm in the range of the average. Thanks for any help.


LawnSite Member
that sounds about right but it seems like it would depend on the size of the yard your overseeding. this is my first year to and only have one customer that would like his lot overseeded. did u aerate first and how does it look.
Southern Lawns

Southern Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
The lawn is a common bermuda grass therefore a warm weather grass you really need to punch it in the spring. I try to use that rule of thumb. All I will do is cut it low/low and scratch and seed. Didn't do the job yet but have been given the OK by the homeowner.