Winter Sod Repair (Plow Damage)

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by BeautifulBlooms, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I have run across a ton of sod repair work on multiple properties. I think because we had so much snow this winter in WI that this would be a great way to make some money this spring. Target properties that have some damage.

    I am curious if anyone has come up with a formula either in pricing or in labor to figure out how to charge for this service.

    I know that small areas take almost as long as large areas because there is so much seam work to be done as opposed to a big area with a large amount of field work instead of edge work.

    Anyone have any idea? I may be confusing the heck out of you, but if anyone has an idea of how to price this sort of thing.

    My process would be
    1. strip sod
    2. straighten edges
    3. add topsoil if needed
    4. lay starter fert
    5. lay sod and mend edges
    6. water
  2. 2fatguyslawncare

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    No call's yet, as it is snowing out as I type, and there is a lot of snow on the ground but I did advertise for this service. I have plenty of damage, my neighbors do as well so I am assuming as you are most people will. As far as how to charge, we am just going to charge our hourly rate with a not to exceed price for this type of repair. Hope it works out.
  3. PSUturf

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    Make sure to account for your travel time to and from the job site. Often with those small lawn repair jobs that is the most time consuming part of the job.

    If you are using a sod cutter, stripping and edge straightening are one operation and go pretty fast.

    Don't forget to offer seeding as a repair option especially if the lawn is not Kentucky Bluegrass.
  4. pinto n mwr

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    depends on if they are townhomes(under contract) or houses or commercial buildings. Usually do not charge for dirt and seed because it is in the contract, but if sod is requested then it is priced per yard. That price per yard already includes travel, labor, cost of sod, disposal.

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