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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RAlmaroad, Jul 31, 2007.

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    August is here and time to think about the winter fertilizer. Last year around the end of September, I used 5-0-17 plus .15 Dimension on Centipede and St. Augustine on the SC properties at about $35/50lb bag for about 5K or turf. Around Dec 1 or so--the usual crop of winter weeds STILL showed their ugly heads. Around Christmas I had to spray them with Atrazine.
    Any thoughts on something better for winter and early spring weeds in the St. Augustine and centipede?
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    Remember that most of preemergent herbicides we use in turf are only labeled to control certain broadleaf weeds. The main reason for the Fall preemergent is to control Poa and chickweed, however that leaves holes for various other weeds that are not prevented. It depends on which product you use. There are other preemergents labeled for a broad spectrum of broadleafs, but they are not commonly used on turf due to cost.

    Barricade is good for the grassy weeds, but not that great on certain broadleafs. Hairy Bittercress is one in particular that I have trouble with in the Winter.

    A good Fall control program includes the preemergent you mentioned followed up by an application of Atrazine/Simazine. That is the recommendation of many different agronomists who deal with warm season turf.
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    Thanks Turf. Yes, I generally follow with Atrazine granular as pre-em in February for the Spring Collection. I was hoping that the Dimension would get the common vetch (mainly) and some henbit. However the Atrazine got both of them in February. Come this spring, I may switch back to the XL2G. Seemed to do better on SC grasses. Thanks again.
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    wow i didnt realize at aug was all the way up there! How does it come back after the freeze?

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