Winter Weldind Projs.

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    My 110 volt MIG welder is used mostly for bodywork, so I wanted it easy to move around. Having a place to keep some tools/bodywork supplies was also helpful.

    The cart is built from light angle, 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/8 with a base cut from 1/2" plate. That keeps enough weight down low to make the cart fairly stable. On one end is a holder for the CO2 bottle (I use .023 hardwire 99% of the time) with a small ratchet tie down strap to keep it secure. As well as being a convenient handle, the hoop around the flowmeter protects it from any "oops" :eek:

    The white toolbox is for extra contact tips, nozzles etc and there is a shelf behind it. Lower shelf I usually keep often-used power tools on, and a small fire extinguisher is attached to one of the cart's legs. On the far side are two hooks to stow the lead/ground/power wires.

    110 mig welder cart.jpg
  2. 1grnlwn

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    fire extinguisher, Nice Idea.
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    very good
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    I did the same thing - fire extinguisher attached - on my torch cart, the logic there being that if there is a fire I'm no more than 25 feet (the amount of hose on the torch cart) away from a means to put it out.

    Seconds count if a fire starts!
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    Of course being a fireman I agree. I also have an extinguisher on each truck. Not buried in a toolbox but mounted and easy to get to.
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    im not up to par on my different kinds of fire extinguishers yet and maybe ct18fireman can help me up here, but have u guys considered getting other then the "normal" type? with u welders working with different types of tools and chemicals and such is that something that needs to be considered?
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    Good question - the answer depends on what you consider a "normal" type of fire extinguisher. All mine are class ABC which covers all the situations I am likely to encounter: wood/paper, electrical and flammable liquids.

    I'm not up to speed on exactly which class extinguisher is for which service - CT18, we need your assistance here! ;) - but I think class D is for things like flammable metals (magnesium etc?) That's more exotic than anything I'll be working with or around.

    For my purposes, class ABC extinguishers are plenty.
  8. CT18fireman

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    An ABC is great for a general welding or repair shop. I like to get the bigger ones. The small ones are not worth anything.

    Remember safety. You will never need an extinguisher if you never have fire. Plan before cutting or welding. Remember some clothing can be flammable to.
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    Just coming into this conversion, kinda rumaging through the archives trying to catch up now that I'm back.

    Damn man, you need to market that snowblower ramp reciever.

    Thats awesome!!

    Seriously, I think you can make some money if you take that thing through the right channels.
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    I can't decifer between who is the most imaginable here. Great ideas guys!

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