Winter work gloves

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cvcook, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. cvcook

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    Here where I live it doesn't get near as cold as other parts of the country, but my hands still get cold, so what kind of gloves you use to keep your hands from freezing that are thin enough for mowing tree pruning etc....
  2. rain man

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  3. ashgrove landscaping

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    kinco gloves at the hardware store work the best for everything
  4. Robert Pruitt

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    Carhartt and Stihl have thin pair with leather palms.
  5. GreenI.A.

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    Real men don't wear gloves!

    unless I'm out side actually working in the snow shovelling or something, I usually use the "machanics" gloves. Obviously every area has different temperatures and we all have different tollerances levels. As far as the best gloves go I think we would all agree the best type of gloves are the ones where one glove doesn't mysteriously disapear
  6. FLAhaulboy

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    I wear these, not bad for $10 bucks. I love fleece! I also have several other more bulky Redhead insulated gloves.

    Bought a pair of these recently:

    I wear this glove more than any other glove out there. The rubber coating is great when griping a chainsaw or anything, etc. Use to buy this type glove at Walmart but they increased their price to nearly twice the amount Harbor wants. I just bought (5) pair of these today:
  7. Bumpmaster

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    Kinco gloves are great unless you are golfing. :cry:
  8. dwost

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    Mechanix winter gloves, love em.
  9. lotsagrass

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  10. TMlawncare

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    For real winter work, I mean the brutel, cold, wet -10+ windchill temps, the Atlas "snowblower" waterproof gloves are hard to beat. They simply do not get wet and they keep your hands warm and dry. Expensive though.

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