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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ADC Lawn Care, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. ADC Lawn Care

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    I was wondering wjat other people do in the winter to keep money coming in? We are located in VA and currently looking into things for us to to. Any suggestions will help.
  2. landscaper22

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    This is the time of year I get caught up on pine straw and mulch jobs. Through the summer I get backed up with extra work that keeps getting put off because I don't have time. I try to save any shrub installs for this time of year also. After all the leaves fall, pansies get planted, and straw and mulch jobs are caught up, there is not much to do.
    It is very important to find year-round accounts. I have enough large accounts that pay the same monthly price all year....I bust my rear end for them all summer, and they continue to pay for me to show my face during the winter. I give them a fair price per month and it works out well for he customer and me as well.
    Most commercial accounts are easy to sell on this, but some residentials are not as eager...They are out there, you just have to find them...All it takes is 3-4 larger commercial properties for you, and you will have a decent winter income.
    What makes this business difficult is, if you do all seasonal work you will never be able to expand much. You can't find employees that want to work 8 months out of the year. You can't find many that want to work period...Just my two cents worth....
  3. yardmanlee

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    we just sit on the computer all day reading and posting very valuable info !!! nah we usually do clean-ups thought Jan. and ya can still plant stuff as long as the ground dosent freeze and then if we get a little snow. but cant depend on that as income in the winter
  4. Mrs. H

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    Clean-ups, trimming, mulch/straw, tree removal and keeping leaves and trash out of our regualar year-round accounts.

    Also, David sells ant control and applies pre-emergence.
  5. topsites

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    I definitely always do leaf cleanups for my regulars, in your case you might check into gutter cleaning but I would wait until after the leaves are done falling.

    Other than that I take the time off to work on all my equipment, it's the one time of the year I finally get a chance to spend quality time with it, truck and cars too, everything I can think of needs going over, does.

    Work around the house, I just got done re-insulating my attic (went from R-11 to R-19) boy that's a bitty of a job LOL, but along those same lines I look into saving money, even if it means me getting dirty to do it. I got smart so it cost me $160 for the insulation, a solid 6-8 hours w.o.r.k. but from here on out it saves me money every month, to me it was worth it.

    Last year I put in a digital thermostat, the year before I went from incandescent bulbs to CFL's, every year it's something to reduce costs, and maintenance, I do it so the machines can run the season with little fear.

    It's just not that much doing, much past X-mas there isn't much demand, and what calls I do get is pretty much for work I don't want... It's cold and wet and windy outside, it's nasty work, nobody wants to pay squat, that's the basics.
    So I do what I can around the house, cost reduction and maintenance usually take a front line.
    But also some good bargain shopping goes on around January, I do machine and parts inventory for taxes and to make up next year's order... I HATE taxes but at least I get all my stuff in one pile so I'm ready to do them when the time comes, and so on.

    Just some ideas, out of Chesterfield County here.

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    Virginia is a sort of 'in between' location I've come to realize over the years....too far south for snow removal to be a sure, steady gig, and yet too far north for our work to really be year-round.

    Maintenance work is real spotty in the wintertime, but you can do hardscapes and things of that nature, you can keep working steadily thru the winters.

    One thing I'm doing this year, is push a clean-up package after the leaves are all down. Basically get all the beds cleaned out of weeds, stray leaves, etc. Trim the bushes, and just get the beds ready for mulching in the spring.
  7. ranger351w

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    Go over lawn equipment& truck,trailer. Repair RC planes I tore up during the year, maybe build one. Work on the money pit or ahh the house:laugh: Last rear I went from 8"insulation to 50"with the new lite wieght stuff. Eat :hammerhead: and watch tv:nono: Oh well only live once
  8. onebreezer

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    I am a brand newbe. Any info or link pointers to start a core aeration buisness?
  9. All_Toro_4ME

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    Play lots of Xbox 360 Live. I don't do this full time, have a regular day job. It would be very difficult to do this f/t in my area. Most of the calls that do come in are jobs I simply dont want to do, and they dont want to pay very good for it either. I also go over the equip and do any maintenance it needs for the next season.

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