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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by scout007, Dec 3, 2013.

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    I had a client that got his yard aerate late October. I got the soil test in last week. It states that his front yard has 95 phosphorus index and potassium 70. The PH is 6.1 which is in between not bad. Now on the other hand the back has a 26 phosphorus index and 47 potassium. Now the PH is 6.8 and that is over the recommend level. The client wants her yard winterized but I was thinking about using like 21-0-0 for the front and something low percentage in the back. Can some one give me other suggestion or am I'm on the right path. Thanks guys. The front is 4,000 sq. ft and the back is about 6,000 sq ft
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    For winterizer up here we put down between .75 and 1.0 pounds of N per 1000 sq. ft.,
    Not sure how much N for warm season grasses, but that is what you would want to know...

    What was the soil test for???
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    What were the N requirements? I assume you are talking fescue? We do one pound N in November here and used a 30-6-10.

    It will be hard to correct the problem in the back without overusing some product... You won't find the exact ratio. I'd look at your dealer and find a complete slow release Fert 17-17-17 or something and apply it over the next few apps. Then soil test again.
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    Oh yes i apologize, it is tall fescue.
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    How many soil plugs did you pull? I wouldn't expect that much difference front to back unless there is relatively new fill on one section.
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    I can't remember, i always grab from six different areas. but I do know that the previous lawn company was horrible. I mean the back yard is holding water and the grass is not rooted at all. The lady dog can go out side and pull up a big patch of grass with one bite. This lady is coachable so i inform her when and how much to water her lawn. She follow direction and that why I have taken over. I guess with all of that yes the grass in the back is premature alot of it.
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    yes I agree with that, that is why I stay low on the slow release using 10-10-10. The soil test did not provide the nitrogen measurement.

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