Winterize st augustine?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by j-ville native, Nov 25, 2011.

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    i was always told that potash aids the root development adding carbohydrates, which help in cold tolerence and aids in springtime start up.
    kind of like you will not see what it does but will see less desirable results with out. potash has risen in cost alot and many companies have cut their fall and winter use of it here. we have had 3 bad winters and alot more winter damage, and i think the the lack of K didn't help any
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    That was going to be my suggestion if others had not made suggestions already. You simply can not go wrong with Potash IMHO anytime of year wheather it right along with a N treatment or not. I personally think that my turf has been treated well when I was treating it with at least a 1 to 1 ratio and many times it was getting spoon feed with a 1 to 2 ratio from a 10-0-20 fertilizer from Howards.

    Given the OP's location - which is similar in the distance from say Ric and myself and Ric saying he sees little to no cold damage, and with me seeing significant cold damage the last couple of years with the freezes, I would expect the OP usually sees a good amount of frost damage every year. Especially last year when they were cold enough to have snow prior to Christmas. I would think that feeding any turf up there with heavy potash feedings would be spot on - also he may want to look at his N feedings in a lighter manner too as his turf could potentially either waste the N or encounter problems from too much N as I am assuming his true growing season is much much shorter season that we even see here in CFL.

    I think it was you bug-guy that mentioned the 0-0-62 - could you, Ric or another experienced applicator explain that 0-0-62 like many fertilizers can reach that nutritional rating by a variety of inputs. Such as SOP/MOP and what you feel if preferred for his location and what if anything is different and you would prefer for your location?
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    in central fl if you want a real green lawn thru christmas unless a hard freeze hits u start Nov/Dec with 1/4 nitogen 3/4 lb Sulfate of potash and chealted iron at 30% over label (per thousand)..... greenest lawns on the street

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