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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Smallaxe, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Any guys out there spread straight urea for late fall app?
    We actually have had about an inch of rain over the past week and things have perked up a bit. I think I am either going to go straight urea or urea/100%UFLEXX and see what we get now and then again early next spring.
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    I am doing some tests (naturally). I have applied fall fertilizer at intervals about 2 weeks apart in the fall on my neighbor's vacant lot, (non-irrigated, low maintenance). So far, if I look close, there is a stripe of slightly greener grass from the September 23rd treatment. Unfortunately the lot is not uniform, patches of shade and crabgrass--so--small differences would not show up.

    Last year I did similar experiments on the lot, and my daughter's backyard. The differences were so slight, I could draw no conclusions.

    On my own backyard, I did a similar experiment, with one 20 foot square area having double fertilizer on November first.
    Shady yard, high quality bluegrass--by November 30 there was no visible difference. There was no visible difference during the following year.
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    Color changes in the turf, for me,,, indicates whether the grass plants are actively metabolizing the fertilizers any more for growing above ground sections of the plant...

    It is well said, IMO, that the plant metabolizes(photosynthesizes) engery as long as the chlorophyll is present along with water, sun, temp and food... this growth is underground so isn't observable from looking at the blades of grass...

    The point of this article was to analyse what is actually taking place underground throughout the course of the winter,,, then analyzing the health and vigor going into the following Summer season...
    NOTE: The Spring Greenup that everyone looks at,,, has nothing to do with the health and vigor of the plant...

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