winterizer! (the age old argument)

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hobbsd, Sep 21, 2006.

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    I was reading all of our great threads in the past from everyone who has their own analysis for winterizer. Some like it High N some like it no N, som elike it 1-1-1 others like it 0-0-1. Anyway, my conclusion out of it all is this. In the northern Climate (W. Wisconsin) a 3-1-2 with 20-30% slow release is best.

    However, I am confused as to what the timing should be. I am thinking of doing my apps the first week of october this year. What are the other northern LCO's thinking? It seems like fall might be comming early since we are already having good frosts. (last year it was 80 in mid october)

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    I live in Eastern Wi between Milwaukee and Geen Bay. Based on what all the northern universities are saying and my experience the past several years I firmly believe this argument is settled. I follow pretty close to what the universities say. I buy all my fertilizer from Lesco and use the following. 32-3-8, 75% slo release, apply from May 15 to June 15. 24-0-11, 50% slo release, Aug. 15 to Sept. 10. 46-0-0, October 15 to October 30. As long as the last application is put on while the grass is still green you are fine. I like to time mine so I do it around the last time the lawn will be cut. The only problem I have is some places the leaves are a pain to deal with. I have done this now for 3 years and my lawns are the first to green up in the spring and are the thickest around. I did use 32-3-8 on some lawns last year instead of the 46-0-0 for the last app but I felt the 46-0-0 lawns looked just as good if not better and the price per 1k is better.

    Mike Immel
    Mike's Total Lawn Care
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    I like to do my winterizer around Halloween here in CT. I use a light dose of 25% slow, 24-0-12 Lesco or their 32-5-7.
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    Mike, where do you buy your Lescon Fertilizer from?
  5. FdLLawnMan

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    I am located in east of Fond du Lac and buy my supplies from the Kaukauna service store. Dave & Eric take care of me and give me good prices.
    Where are you located and what are you using now?

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care
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    the type of winterizer you should use would depend on the following...

    1. did you plant new seed this fall? was it new establishment or overseeding? or was it already established?

    2. what do soil test in your area say? do most lawns have sufficient P?

    3. warm season grasses (in the south) need more K and little or no N with a bit of P. In the transition zone on cool season grasses you only need a little K due to milder winters and generous amounts of N. In the farther north use more K and generous amounts of N. Any application over .8 # of N/M should contain at least 30% coated N, up to 50% for higher amounts and N and earlier application. Winterizers need less slow release but still enough to last for another month before temps really fall.

    at what rate do you guys apply 46-0-0? it seems that at 1#N/M or less you should be using a smaller pellet size.
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  8. turf hokie

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    This is what I usually do also. Start around Halloween and done by Thanksgiving. (or earlier so I can install christmas lights)
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    Nukeing a lawn with high nitrogen as it goes into winter does it no good and most of the nitrogen is gone come springtime.

    Winterizing is about root growth not top growth, strengthening the root system for spring is what provides the basis for a healthy lawn during heavy spring growth and during drought and stressfull times for a lawn. Nitrogen just makes them look green.
  10. lilmarvin4064

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    by nature the grass will focus on root growth in the fall and not top growth. N is important for this process (as well as P and K) and will help the grass to store carbohydrates instead of flushing top growth.

    winterizer after overseeding? what do soil tests say? I would put down .3 # of P around here. I would use a 23-6-12 or similar

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