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  1. starry night

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    Milorganite = 4% iron = greenup ??
  2. Marcos

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    Don't forget about these.
    Of course, you won't find them listed on the label. :laugh:

    arsenic 7.2 ppm
    cadmium 3.1 ppm
    cobalt 4 ppm
    lead 120 ppm
    mercury 2.7 ppm
    molybdenum 15 ppm
    nickel 40 ppm
    selenium 5.8 ppm
    zinc 760 ppm

    Needless to say, you surely wouldn't want Milorganite any where near your 'mater garden!
  3. Mscotrid

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    Isn't that a reduction from what the levels were at one time in the Milo?
  4. phasthound

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    Sorry guys, I thought I've been clear that NP Screamin Green 16-2-3 contained both synthetic nutrients & organic matter. I'll have to do better.

    The term "bridge product" was coined by Harmony Products (a fertilizer manufacturer founded in 1990, now out of business) and is used to describe blends of synthetic and natural sources of nutrients. The "PLUS" in Nutrients PLUS name refers to organic matter. Nutrients PLUS is unique in providing proof that nutrient inputs can be reduced in a program that meets 10-15 lbs of organic matter/1000K annually.

    Nutrients PLUS is only one of several product lines that Tech Terra Organics represents. We use many products in our application business and when we find products that work, have positive environmental impact at competitive prices, we act as distributors for these manufacturers.

    As always, please visit our website for more info & sign up for our newsletters. :waving:
  5. americanlawn

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    Screamin Green ROCKS. When we put it on at a heavy rate, the lawns respond quickly, and it lasts many weeks. Some customers don't care what we apply, yet others appreciate the 'natural stuff' (Tech Terra).

    Honestly, the only product we are interested in is the 16-2-3 from Tech Terra, cuz grass loves nitrogen. I'm sure you guys have other good stuff, but we try to keep up the level of nitrogen.

    Thanks Barry - You guys are top notch.
  6. phasthound

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    Yes grass loves nitrogen, that's why Screamin Green is formulated in a way that grass absorbs more of it when it needs it.

    Thanks, Larry
  7. anotherturfgeek

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    When using the winterizer no matter where you are located apply after 1st frost.
    adding winterizer to your program is a good idea. (another way to gather cash)
  8. Smallaxe

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    I called about that and they told me that the best place to get it was from the dealerships. Unless I wanted to establish my own dealership and pickup the stuff by the semi load.
  9. Smallaxe

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    I quite agree with you. Most lawns that are left alone and the clippings are recycled into the turf, seem to do just fine. The microbes are cycling the nutrients as they should and the grass grows up another year.

    The problem is - it is not green enough, so we throw on some N. It greens up and everyone is happy.

    The question is: Does a healthy lawn need all that N or all that protien?

    Is there protien in the grass clippings? leaf mulch? Thatch?
    Does a lawn with too much N become suseptible to various fungal diseases?
    Does excessive N cause abnormal growth patterns known as thatch?

    I don't see Milorganite as a soil builder, just as a good way to apply some N and Fe that is relatively stable and slow release, in pace with the microbes that degrade it.
  10. Smallaxe

    Smallaxe LawnSite Fanatic
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    Oh yeah, Fe is good for the Packer Green color.

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