Winterizing a trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 2stroked, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Fireguy97

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    I used to WD-40 everything, Then I found out about Fluid Film. Longer lasting, better product, food grade lubricant.

    Great for all metal parts, including tools that get condensation on them inside the trailer or shop over winter. Did you ever find rusty tools in toolboxes that were left in an unheated enclosed area during a cold winter? A spray and wipe in the fall stops all winter rust.

    I don't sell Fluid Film, but I wish I did, it's a super product. I'm an Irrigation Contractor, and almost every tool that own gets wet during the season. In the spring I spray and wipe all tools, and am rust free for the entire season. I love it!

    If you go to the Fluid Film Forum here, they will even send you a free sample can.

  2. rodzilla94

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    all i do is pressure wash the wood on my trailer and then i put a coat of Thompson waterproofing on it (i only waterproof every other season) and check my bearings and replace when needed and spot paint
  3. Darryl G

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    I just park my landscape trailer. On the dump trailer I pull the battery and put it in the garage.
  4. mowerbrad

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    For my trailer, I touch up any parts that got scratched/scrapped during the season. I lube the wheel barrings. Fluid film on the gate hinges. Wood deck gets cleaned off (not power washed). Finally, park it at the farm and cover it with my 20'x30' tarp.
  5. Darryl G

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    Brad - The only thing I take issue with is covering it with a tarp. In my experience, covering things with a tarp can sometimes cause more of a problem than leaving it exposed. Even if the tarp doesn't leak at all, condensation can form under it. Once water gets under it, the chances of it drying out are pretty slim.

    So these are my suggestions: If you are intent on covering things with tarps, don't put them all the way to the want to allow some ventilation. Also, I would suggest using something to prop it off the floor a bit...again ventilation. And make sure that water won't pool want to make a tent, not a swimming pool. You can even make some hoops with PVC or Poly tubing.

    Maybe these are things you already do, I don't know. I know your'e a pretty bright guy and take good care of your stuff. I just want to alert others to the possiblity that tarping your equipment can do more harm than good.
  6. lifetree

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    This is what I do !!
  7. mowerbrad

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    I should have specified...I do prop the tarp up underneath (kind of like a tent under there) so it isn't like a pool on top of the trailer. There is a pretty good amount of ventilation for it, so it stays dry as well.

    The main goal of the tarp is just to ensure that water/snow doesn't sit on the trailer and seep into any cracks and cause future problems. I like to keep it dry as best I can so it isn't exposed to the elements as much as it just sits during the winter.
  8. GreenI.A.

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    My enclosed irrigation and fert trailers get a real good cleaning and I put them up on jack stands. I put a stand at each corner so that its not just sitting on the tires in the same spot for 5 months. I also lift the axle a little bit so that the axle isn't pulling the leaf springs down either. If I walk by them during the winter I give the tires a quick spin so that if there is any moisture inside they wont rot out. My equipment trailer, I do nothing as my skid steer is used all winter nd this year my dingo will be as well
  9. luis@NJ

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    I use mine year around but if i ever leave it alone for a while i just put a tarp over the tongue to keep water and snow out of the break away box and the wire plug. :waving:

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