Winterizing ALL of our equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Nov 25, 2002.

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    Did not see a whole lot out there when I searched on this topic so since its bound to come up, thought maybe we could start one here that would be easy to find when a search is asked for. I can do the "routine" stuff like lube and oil stuff but would like to hear what you experienced commercial equipment wrench heads have found works well in winterizing your mowers(whatever kind) and the 2 cycle equipment. Heres something I learned this weekend...trailer tires are subjected to more neglect than the tires on our trucks and cars...beacause at least on those, we occasionally spray on some tire dressing/Armorall etc. This prevents dry rot which is actually caused by UV rays not rain/snow/cold/ he says we should spray them occasioanllay with Armorall/STP and then cover them when the trlr is inoperable for a month or I understand why the big RV's often have tire covers on when parked.....ok so much for trivia you couldnt care less about!! Just thought UV thing was interesting....and anyway we can save costs is good.
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    ONe thing I do when I know I'm done with the machine for the season. I run all the gas out of the carb. 2-cycle I will just run it antill it runs out of gas. on the mowers I'l shut off the tank then run till the carb runs dry. The theory is this will help prevent the carbs from gumming/varnishing while gas sits in them.
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    YES YES. just the thread i need. please, anyone with input, please share. i know some of the basic winterizing techniques, but i did not have lawnsite last year. i'd like to take advantage of it now. thanks

    ps. we just got 3 inches here in MI
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    Originally posted by Paul J:
    In the past I drained the equipment and ran it until it cut-off (to get the fuel out of the carb, but there is something else to consider and that is that the seals will dry out if you dont leave some gas in the carb.
    I think a better solution is to put fuel stabilizer in all the equipment, and run the equipment long enough to get the stabilized fuel into the carb.
    For two stroke the same but in the spring dump out the old fuel and replace it with new. This is because even though the fuel is stabilized the oil mix can still break down.
    The little bit of old mix that is left in the carb wont do any damage upon start-up, but the whole tank might.

    Another point is that if you drain out all the fuel it is a pain to get the carb primed in the spring. Even if you have one of those priming bulbs it wont want to prime easily.

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    We run all the 2cycle machines dry for the year, but with the mowers we put fuel stabilizer in the tanks and run them for about 5-10min to get the stabilizer to mix into the carb. We also clean the machines up and then we grease all the grease sirts for the winter getting the water out and such. Then last part is taking the batteries out and storing them in the basement in a dry area but warm, with putting the charger on them halfway through the winter to make sure they have a charge for next spring.
  6. I use Sta-Bil in all fuel tanks.

    De-carbon 2-stroke exhaust ports and inspect muffler.

    All engines-remove plugs and squirt in 1 oz. oil then turn over a few time without starting. Prevents rust on rings & cylinder wall.

    Inspect all belts, cables, linkages, etc.

    & of course
    wash & tune up, oil change & lube
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    I completely drain all two stroke equipment. My mowers get topped off with fuel this prevents getting moisture in the fuel tanks from condensation and stabil is also added. Also, about every 2 weeks I start up the mowers and let them run for awhile, I think it helps keep the carbs from varnishing up.

  8. HarryD

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    i just shut fuel lines off . stuff is only gunna be sitting for 12 too 16 weeks not enough time for me to worry about
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    I run stabil in the mowers and then shut off the fuel flow. I also start the mowers throughout the winter and run them around some. I drain all of the 2-cycle equipment and pour some oil down the spark plug hole. Some other ideas for weed eaters is to clean out the gear box and repack with new grease and regrease the shaft, clean the spark arrestor, remove the muffler and clean out the exhaust port to remove carbon build up. Check the pull cord and replace if needed.

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    Lots of people on here leaving the gas in the 4-cycle equipment but not in the 2-cycle equipment. Why is that?

    Whats good for one is good for another dont you think?

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