winterizing gardens???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Oct 26, 2000.

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    What all is involved with winterizing gardens??? I just recieved a call pertaining to just this, i am assuming pruning the shrubs and so forth but is there any fertilization involved? If so is a soil test needed and what else might be included?
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    We perform alot of perennial garden winterizing preps. After cutting back growth, we usually cover them with salt marsh hay. (Other parts of the country use regular hay or straw.) We also cover the bases of rhodys, and various other shrubs with hay also to protect them from winter. Another big thing up here for winterizing(we don't usually do this) is to stake yews or any other shrubs that snows may crush and then wrap burlap around them for added support. I would just go ahead and cut bak\prune, then hay. I wouldn't fert at this time. Up here by the coast, most lco's use salt marsh in covering seed and protection form winter for it's mineral contents and it is also free from weed seeds because it comes from the salt marshes along the coast

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    Mike beings your the only on who responded so far thanks very much for the help........ This is alot!!!!!!!!!! of help for me thanks Rich


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