Winterizing in the South

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by pilotcoplawnboy, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. pilotcoplawnboy

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    Anyone know of a good company to have my irrigation winterized in the Charlotte,NC area? I talked to several companies who told me they don't do blowouts because it doesn't stay cold here long enough. My shutoff valve is in my garage and the backflow preventer is 1 foot underground like the rest of my system. Thanks for any help.
  2. i_plant_art

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    hmmm doesnt stay cold enough .. long enough.... well maybe someone should tell them it doesnt take but 1 GOOD freeze and pipes are bursting... here TN i always do blowout no matter how warm people say it should be. maybe check the yellow pages in your area or do a search on here for guys in your area. maybe some of them do blowouts. dang thats odd that someone told you they dont do them. they obviously know what they are and one would presum they know how to since they know what it is and are in the business... now the question is why are they turning down business just b.c " they dont think" some people huh. probally the same ones asking "how do i grow my business" LOL good luck to ya on finding someone . keep us posted wish i could help ya out but distance is a problem.
  3. pilotcoplawnboy

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    I talked to several more people who said that as long as my pipes were 6" below ground I should be alright. My neighbors around me said they never have had theirs blown out either. One guy said that he would charge me 65 dollars to come and turn my water off at the back flow preventer. Well, I told him my shut off valve is in the garage and it is before the backflow preventer and it was cut off about two months ago. He told me that's all he does to winterize systems and that was all I needed to do. I've been mowing grass forever but never had to deal with irrigation systems until I put my own in my new house. I guess i'll call around and ask a few more people. Thanks!
  4. Critical Care

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    Geeze... 65 bucks just to turn off the water? And you still end up with water in the pipes! You gotta be kidding! Wish I could get away with just turning off the water, and charging $65, but that would never fly out here.

    In this area it can freeze anytime of the year, but typically we begin to blow out systems when temps start to drop down to freezing every night. There is a mad scramble to do this work in mid October and November. In any case, just turning off the water isn't going to keep the water already in your pipes from freezing. Whether or not you would have a problem with your system if you don't winterize it really depends upon more factors than just the depth of the pipes (which is a big one), such as the weather, the type of pipe you used, how exposed the pipes are, and more.

    Oh, and don't have some Joe Blow come in and try to blow out the water with a high psi, low cfm, shop compressor.
  5. wojo23323

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    I don't winterize any systems unless the pump for the well is outside. Then I just drain pump. No need to blow out the lines.

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