Winterizing Irrigation From Well Pump

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Backlap, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Backlap

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    When winterizing an irrigation system running from a well pump. If there is no shut off valve between the well pump and where you tie into the main line, air feeding back to the well pump could damage the pump. What type of damage may it do.........
  2. Waterit

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    Uh, blow the fittings off, crack the housing, blow the well seal, push all the crap in the system back into the impeller and bind it up...

    Better to go ahead and install a ball valve, save some headaches.
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    A submersible pump would have a check valve on it, so that kind of pump would be isolated, but not having any shutoff valve means you can never evaluate the pump on its own, and that's a service headache.
  4. Waterit

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    Check would be at the bottom of drop pipe, so well seal and drop pipe are exposed to damage from air.

    On a centrifugal, the entire pump is exposed to damage, all the way back to check valve from well.

    On a jet, everything above foot valve is exposed to damage.

    Moral: always put valve on outlet side to isolate AND protect pump if you're going to winterize with air.

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    Are you sure you covered everything?
  6. Waterit

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    Nope, left out the pump that guy was using from Northern Tool...

    Can you pick up my slack?

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