Winterizing Spray Pumps

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lawnspecialties, Oct 28, 2006.

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    What are the common methods to winterize a water pump such as on a pressure washer or Lesco sprayer? I might be purchasing a nice used sprayer soon but am concerned about freezing up the pump before next season. I was wondering if I put RV water line antifreeze in it, would that be the best bet? It's non-toxic and safe enough for the water lines in our camper so I figure it would be safe for the internal parts of a pump. Thanks.:)
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    Good topic this time of year, a REMINDER to get your sprayers winterized!

    I have had no problems just using an air compressor and blowing it out, blow thru the hose and out the drain (make sure to close the line going to the jet agitation in the tank though) blow and blow till it's just foam coming out, then open the valve that goes to the agitation and make sure that line is clear too. Leave the ball valves open once you are thru.

    This year, since I just had half a gallon of RV antifreeze in the garage, I went ahead and poured that in the tank, right into the drain line, and fired up the pump and ran it with the agitation valve open and the reel valve closed for a bit, then opened the hose valve for a second just to shoot some in there and shut it down. I figure there's no way in hell it could freeze this way.

    I don't know if this is the exact right way to do it, but it's what I did... Like I said, I just blew it out for about the last 4 winters with no antifreeze and it never had a problem.
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    I thought about doing that too Jason,
    The lesco book says to add 2 gals antifreeze and 2 gallons water to the tank, then run the pump normal and circulate the spray hose into the top of the tank.
    for now mine is in the shop with heat, but it will be getting put away soon.

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