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  1. Tom c.

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    How many of you guys use STA- BIL fuel stabilizer? and what other things do you do when winterizing your equipment? And what about the 2-stroke stuff/ Do you keep the tanks full? or empty? Winter generally is about 3-4mths long. Thanks for any tips you can throw my way:waving:
  2. metro36

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    I use stabil and close the fuel valve. Then I run the line dry. In two cycle I use echo oil with stabilizer in it so I dont have to do much
  3. nmez21

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    With the z I took the added some sta-bil, ran it for 10 min., turned the fuel valve off, removed the battery, and washed and waxed it so she could look nice sitting in a dark trailer all winter. Shoot- probably should have sprayed a little fluid film on it as well.
  4. DBL

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    i jsut run everything dry and let them sit works for me
  5. rodzilla94

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    i use sta-bil in my mowers for the two stroke stuff i run them dry then i take the spark plug out and put two stroke oil (about a tea spoon) in the motor and pull the rope easy about 2 or 3 times and replace the spark plug with a new one.....redmax says to put the oil in the cylinder for winterizing......
  6. B&M

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    Do you like that cub cadet 48 hydro ?
  7. deereman

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    We wash and wax then grease, then do touch up paint jobs on the deck edges or anything else that needs touching up.Then the trailer gets it wash job and paint touch up then everything gets loaded and covered. We also run Sta-Bil in all of our equipment. I approx every 45 days when there is somewhat of a warmer day I will run the equipment for 10-15 mins to keep everything moving, we also have fresh oil changes in everything also! And everything is stored in a 40' x 80' foot machine shed on my father-in-laws farm! Except all the hand held stuff stays in the heated garage that we have where we live.
  8. Restrorob

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