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  1. doclt

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    just completed my first year spraying here in the Northwest (Washington State) and wondering what winter projects there might be in this industry or do i need to winterize my equipment and park it.
    If the answer is winterize could you describe the process--i don't have a shop to park my Truck--200gallon tank in and when i bought the rig the Hypro pump right side upper case had been broke as a result of freezing. Thanks for any and all help--this site has been a tremendous help as the old pros i learned from have their tried and true way of doing business and it is refreshing to hear of different examples to questions i might have had.--thanks again
  2. kickin sum grass

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    I know I have posted this here as well as others so I will be quick and to the point. You can search and find out a little more in detail.
    Here is what I do, some say it is overkill.
    1. triple rinse the tank to flush all chems out. I spray this diluted spray across my lawn as a normal app would be done for each rinse. The best place to get rid of chems is the place they are intended to be used for.
    2. I add some water and some tank cleaner. Let mix and spray out. This will neutrilize the sprays. Then rinse this out a couple times till it is all gone.
    3. Add rv antifreeze and circulate through out including mixing and bypass valves. usually only takes about 2 gal.
  3. KLR

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    or, just pull the pump off
  4. Neal Wolbert

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    If your doing lawn treatments you sure can extend those anytime in the winter with our mild weather. Moss grows form 8-9 months in these parts you know. How about root fertilizer? Certainly can be done up through the end of the year and maybe beyond depending on weather. I'm assuming you would not have herbicide in your tank for the root treatments of course. Neal
  5. doclt

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    Thanks for the responses--neal i will look into your suggestions for the winter program.
  6. Neal Wolbert

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    Try Wilbur Ellis Co. in Auburn WA @ 800-275-6920 for the latest recs. Give me a call if you like. 360-239-3126 Neal

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