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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES, May 30, 2009.

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    I used the lightingshrink.com product today and I must say it is certainly faster than using the ACE connector. The ratcheting crimp tool does a really nice job of making a tight, clean compression of the barrels. As hard as I tried I could not pull the connections apart. The extra length in the sealant tubes was greatly appreciated too.

    I spoke with the Manu. today and found out that the tubes are not Aluminum. They are tin coated copper. The prices have been updated on the website too. For contractor accounts they are willing to establish special NET pricing based on volume.

    Here is another point he makes: "The couple of guys that feel they have found similar products at cheaper pricing, I will be suggesting they buy a sample pack and compare. The products we have tested since the mid to late nineties are clean metal (not dirty slag connectors) and the tubes have the right amount of adhesive that runs true."

    I expect you will be hearing directly from him here on lawnsite by the end of the week.

    Have a great day.
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    Bingo! I use a little NO-OX compound on the connection prior to heat shrinking.
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    I really like the Blazing LV 9500 DBR's. http://blazingproducts.com/products/connectors/index.html.

    Disclaimer--it is the only connector we carry on our site so I am biased. But keep in mind the reason its the only one we carry is because after testing all of them personally in the field, I chose it because I found it to be the best for the following reasons:
    1. Strain relief (wires can't pull out like grease filled wire caps.
    2. Strong, tight solid conection, fully sealed in grease and cap locks down (clicks into place and has oring seals).
    3. Very permenant, secure, waterproof splice.
    4. Tool-less design, requires no tools what so ever (pliars can be used to tightly pretwist the wires but are not necessary). No need for crimnping tool or heat to shrink tubes.
    5. FAST, very quick to install.
    6. Smaller/takes up less space than a nut inserted into a grease tube (like 3M DBR's).
    6. At $.79 wholesale http://www.landscapelightingworld.com/Blazing-Connector-Direct-Burial-DBR-Splice-p/9-dbr-9500.htm they are less expensive than most strain relief DBR connections.

    Anyone else try them? Note: we net next to nothing (probably lose money when you take processing cost into acct) in selling these so its not a self plug-- I truly have found them to be the fastest, strongest, least expensive, permenant strain relief, completely sealed DBR connection for LV lighting.

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    These look like the same crimpe barrels I get at mcmaster carr or my local eletronice store. I have used them in the past for adding lead in wires to fixtures or for replacing sockets. What makes these so special ?

    Im not worried about a connection being a bit faster than another meathod. Im pretty certain any adhesive lines shrink boot will repel water good. Never had a problem with a properly booted crimp (and yes mine are tin coated copper too) or an ace connector. Come to think of it I never had a problem with a soldered and grease tubed connection either which I still use in some applications.
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    Yeah, I would also like to extend a welcome to the Lighting Forum. Its always nice to have more input and knowlege join the discussion.
    I have been using this same connection method for a while, after just getting tired of using Ace connectors for everything. I still use the large aces on occasion just because I havent had a large supply of the big crimp barrels.
    I had a pretty savy homeowner come out last week while doing their instal and make a comment on how professional our connections looked. Most people wouldnt know the difference between a good connection and a poor one - but at least I can rest knowing its the best one that I have found so far. I'm always looking for a better way of doing the entire process - from Marketing, Sales, Design, Fixture selection and Installation.
    I hope the sales of this connection method do well for you.


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