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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Phil's Lawn Care, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Phil's Lawn Care

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    I have a craftsman trimmer where you take a certain length and feed it through like maybe 12" or so. What I was wondering was if anyone has ever used wire for this application. Any type of thick fencing wire. I assume it lasts longer than trimmer line, but does it give a clean cut etc. I know many of you guys probably use the type of trimmers where you take a few feet and wrap it around the spool, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of use. Thanks PHIL
  2. sicnj

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    your going to have so much fun in the lawn care business. how many accounts will you have because your not going to have to worry about the string lasting. Your going to have to make sure your equipment holds up and craftsman equipment will not hold up when your using it on 20 lawns a week. i know I started last year, and i tred using it.
  3. parkeeee

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    I have heard of using a piece of coat hanger. For personal safety alone it is a bad idea not even mentioning damage to trees, fences, etc. Stick with a good quality trimmer line.
  4. lordmaximus240

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    you might wont to get out now before you get yourself or someone hurt or killed. you are playing with fire doing crap like this. next thing you will be doing is disabling your safety devices on your mower. not trying to be a jerk but dude you are asking for it
  5. iblonger

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    I like the way Phil is thinking....:dizzy: Especially when you consider he is my competition:clapping:
  6. DEEJ

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    Lord - and nobody else on here has ever disconnected safety devices on a mower, removed the guards from their trimmers, removed the spark arrestor screens .... Its a good things we are all above that ... :rolleyes:

    I am not saying this idea is safe, it isn't, but it represents someone trying to think of better ways to do things, nothing wrong with that. The man is asking an honest question - there is no need for insults.

    Everyone has a different choice of equipment, including Craftsman. Some on here use Craftsman trimmers exclusively and love them. It is a personal choice.

    As for the wire in place of the string. It would not last as long as string. Any type of solid wire cannot be worked (bent back and forth) like trimmer string can. Flying around on the head, it will be worked continuously to the point of breaking. This would happen very quickly. Stranded wire would be a little more resilient, but not much. Aircraft cable I suspect would be tough, but it would start to fray immediately unless the ends were crimped somehow. Aircraft cable would certainly do some mean cutting for as long as it lasted!

    The issue with any of these choices is going to be safety as Parkeeee points out. The solid wire pieces that fly off are going to be like nails flying towards flesh - not good. The stranded will be smaller, lighter pieces, but capable projectiles none-the-less.

    Interesting idea, but not wise.

  7. prizeprop

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    Will also kill the engine faster.
  8. iblonger

    iblonger LawnSite Member
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    Please understand I was not making fun of using Craftsman trimmers, I in fact have and like them. I was making a joke of the projectiles that would be flying at his customers homes.
  9. pcarlson1911

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    it is more fragile thatn the round line, but it cuts the grass faster. Because of these two qualities, there seems to be less damage to trees, posts etc.
  10. Gumby

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    I can imagine a piece of that wire breaking off and sticking in my leg like a dirty hypodermic needle.

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