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    I live on the eastern shore of maryland with a tall fescue lawn. It has been establish about 4 years. This year i got 2 patchs of wiregrass the size of a truck, killed them with roundup and going the seed next week. My problem is on the other side of my yard i have patchs rangeing in size from a dollar bill to about 4 fet by 4 feet.Is there something i can blacket coat my yard with. has anyone used ornamic for this? Am i just stuck killing the whole yard off and statring over or what? is there a pre emergant for this wiregrass
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    I have had good luck with 2 apps of dimension with keeping pretty much all water grass type weeds out.
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    Dimenension is a pre emergant, right? What time of the year do you use it?
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    Dimmension does not control wiregrass, it is not labeled for it, and by design will not control it. period.

    Ornamec can be sprayed when wiregrass (bermudagrass) is coming out of, and going into dormancy. It will offer control the first few years, and eventually, after several years, a total kill.

    Killing off the lawn and starting over generally does not work. Round Up does not kill wiregrass, it appears to, but a month or so later you will see it return, from the deep roots from the plants that were sprayed.

    Some have had luck with mixing ornamec and round up, and spraying a couple of times, because the round up makes the plant mimic going in to dormancy as it dies.

    Some may chime in and suggest fusilade II, but is is a felony to apply fusilade II to turfgrass, and ornamec works the same way.
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    How excactly do you know when it is coming in or out of dormance? Would going in be first frost? How about coming out? Sorry, if these are beginner questions. It is because, i am not really in the fert and such side of the buss. I just do mow and goes. This problem is in my yard. How is putting a chemical on your lawn i felony? because it is not what it is designed for?

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