Wirless internet card-2 computers??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by deere615, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. deere615

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    Can anyone help me? We(my family) Have a verizon wireless internet card for our labtop. I recently got my own labtop! I have the program on my computer and can connect to the internet when I plug the card in. But is there anyway to get both computers online with the card? I tried linking the 2 computers together with a cat5 cable, but it wouldn't work. Would it work with a router and the cat5 cable? Or is there another way to do this??
  2. SimonCX

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    If both computers are wireless you can just use the laptop as the router no need for the cable. Do a google search for "Ad hoc wireless networks" it's pretty simple.
  3. ncls

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    If the computers are running windows XP, just enable Internet Connection Sharing on the computer with the wireless card. Then use an ehternet cable to connect the two laptops.
    See here:
  4. Doug1966

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    do you have a wireless router? If you don't have a wireless router, your computers will have nothing to connect to.
  5. SimonCX

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    You can use one computer setup like a router, just because he doesn't have a router doesn't mean he can't use them. Look up "Ad hoc wireless networks" add you will see how it works.
  6. deere615

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    Thanks for the help so far:waving:. I will have to try those 2 things

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