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    State officials are still studying their options. They've known for 4 years that the bug was coming but they are still studying their options. For now their is a quarantine in the infested counties restricting the movement of ash nursery stock, ash lumber, ash logs, ash anything.

    Michigan tried to contain it by cutting down every ash within 1/2 mile of an infested tree. $27 million later it is spreading from state to state. If you know someone with a valuable specimen ash they should contact a certified, reputable arborist to discuss treatment option. Studies in Michigan have shown pretty good (but not total) control with certain contact and systemic insecticides. The trees will have to be treated every year in order to protect them. Researchers are studying the possibility of natural predators of EAB from Asia that could possibly be introduced here. It takes several years to ensure that an introduced predator will not become a destructive pest of desirable plants or insects.
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    I really don't see the quarantine being to effective. Its not that I don't have faith in our elected officials, but they are trying to control a insect. Its going to spread regardless.

    I'd personally like to treat them on our own accord, to keep everything in house unless we need a specialist such as arborist. Majority (about 40%) of the trees on the properties that we maintain are either green or white ash trees.
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    Cutting down trees in an effected area does not work. People spread EAB anyway. But I did hear also that removal is one option the state whats to do. Merit treatments can be effective from what I have read. But after you spend money treating your tree. And the guy next to you does not treat his ash. When his Ash has EAB and gets cut down to stop the spread, so will yours. And then you wasted all those yearly or by-yearly treatments. PR
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    PR: I can see that problem being with HOA's where you treat the common ground trees but not the privately own trees. Which in my opinion sucks, you do all this work to save mature trees when the home owner does nothing.

    I just hate the fact that, in my area where I live are old growth mature trees such as Green Ash (Fraxinus pennsylvania) or White Ash (Fraxinus americana) that are 40+ years old die out. It makes me upset and sick to my stomach. Look at cities like Waukesha and Milwaukee that are going to lose about 40% of their street trees.
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    If anyone in Appleton/Fox Valley area that does lawn/landscaping but does not snow plow you can people my way and maybe we could work out a percentage for you. I'm insured and have 5 years experience running my own business. Give me a call or pm me or just post here
    Allan 920-730-9008
    The Bulldog
    Kaukauna, Wisconsin
    Go Jets!
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    Allan, I will keep your number handy. I think its time for another Breakfast. We should set one up soon and get everyone to come meet each other. PR
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    sounds good to me, Al
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    For the last year I have been wanting to start my own tree moving business in Ozaukee County. But I was wondering if anyone here has clients requesting larger trees 5-9" in caliper.

    Have any of you landscapers ever needed to sub a tree mover. I am just trying to get a feeling for the demand out there. My brother-in-law has a tree moving business in Fond du Lac, he has been at it for over 10 years and he is doing all right for himself. But the idea of dropping 60k on a piece of equipment scares the crap out of me, when I think of the chance of not having any business. Any advice would be very helpful.

    Thanks Cheeseheads!!!
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    I would look for used equipment through ebay/craigslist
    Put as much down as you can
    Read Dave Ramsey
    Cash flow is the key to staying afloat and having debt on stuff hurts the initial cash flow
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    Lesco/JD dropping their fert prices. What's your take on it? PR

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