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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by MOW ED, Mar 7, 2003.

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    PR, Thanks for thinking of me for the estimate. I will let you know by PM with the numbers. My daughter is playing in an Appleton North Soccer tournament this Saturday but I am stuck at the fire station. How are things with your "second" job? Everyone is crying about overtime and money here but its just crying at this point. There will always be work to do and they don't want to add people so those here just do more. Thats OK because the check comes every 2. How is Jan doing? I have Diane out with me and I feel bad because it is a dusty mess every day. On another note, the cert cards for pest. applicator is due next spring. We have to get back into school again. 10 years for me, WOW. Got to load up again for a warm Friday. Take care and thanks again.
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    Our sales are up 25% versus last year at this time, we did lose a couple but have gained more than we have lost. Some of the bids we did not win, I could not believe how low some guys will go! I think the biggest reason is there are so many guys that are brand new each year that do not know how to estimate a property. Also, I like it when a business requires you to have proof of insurance(tends to keep out weekend warriors). Just my 2 cents
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    Hi Allan,
    I keep a pretty tight residential route as I have for 14 years up in the GB area and I only have 2 small commercials. I see alot of commercial properties changing LCO's every year or 2. I wish everyone asked for proof of insurance but the reality is that they don't. I don't persue commercials at all any more.
    Business is basically the same as last year at this time. I haven't seen any great dips. I have one older lady who had lots invested in mutuals and she has kept all services except for fertilizing. Otherwise I am naming my price to walk-ups for dethatches and closing most jobs with really good profit. I could use one or 2 more weekly mowing customers but won't sweat if not.
    How long have you been working in Kaukauna? Are you right in town or do you have a larger circle. There are some pretty nice shacks down that way (here it comes) I know the fresh air really can grow a lawn down there.:laugh: Just kiddin. Are you a solo OP? It looks like you have a good set up from your equipment list, I could use that shop. Take care.
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    Mow Ed,
    We service all the valley and Oshkosh and I'm right at the point where I need help but I'm resistant because it introduces all sorts of other things to worry about. We live on the northside of town and I think the smell is the worst! contrary to most lawn care providers we like to have a big area that we service so we do not have to turn down good paying customers looking for service. There are even a couple well known companies that just low ball everything and then cut on 10 day schedules to cut costs.

    Most of the people that have me, remark to me when I hired you to do the yard I just assumed it would look the same as when I cut it. However, they can't get over how good it looks after we get done with a yard.

    Most bids I'm getting with nice profit, I think lawn care is still going strong because yard work has to be done. I do see people cutting back on getting all the services we offer.

    I have run into businesses that I think value my knowledge and professionalism but most just look at the bottom dollar and sign the contract. I wish they would all require you to provide proof of insurance as it would keep out the weekend warriors and people not paying taxes

    I have some more equipment but have not had time to edit my profile. I also want to grow slow by not borrowing money and paying cash for equipment, which is slower but I can be very competitive on price when things are paid for.

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    You made me get out my cards and check. That's not all bad though, no one else ever asks for them so its good to know there still in my wallet.:laugh: Just re-did the state applicator last year so I'm good till 2013. But my national certification is dew March next year. So time to get the big book out for me as well. I don't think you need to do southern turf grasses anymore, as in the past. So I would hope its easier. Jan is well. She tells me no one else's wife works as hard as she does, or does so much. Maybe its not just her but her and Diane. Jan's has been doing the 1st round apps, as I did most of 43 Power Rakes. Just finishing spring clean ups and then will start helping her with 1st round. And then bark. They way it looks we could be mowing by next week. My night job is going good, glad I'm not a fireman right now:gunsfirin PR
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    For Sale
    2005 eXmark Lazer Z CT Commercial Mower
    Model # LCT4418KC
    18 hp Kohler Command Pro engine
    450 hours
    48 inch deck with mulch kit installed
    Professionally maintained and driven
    Excellent working condition -well taken care of -have all maintenance records
    Additional items included (not shown):
    1 Spare tire and wheel (rear)
    1 Folding ROPS bar
    1 Discharge chute
    Several sets of spare blades

    Its a money maker, but we changed some of our properties this year and we are not big enough to keep three machines. Send Jan a e-mail or PM back. PR

  7. Acswaupaca1

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    Got a 1998 Walker Model MT GHS for sale. $3500.00 obo

    25 hp
    48" ghs deck with dethatcher
    54" side discharge deck
    power dump
    low profile tires, single wide tail wheel
    Both screens for the catcher
    All fluids changed yearly and motor at 50hr intervals

    Unit has 32xx hrs on it, motor has 12xx with a ready to go spare that only needs one valve replace. Old motor was totally rebuilt 3 years ago and the service shop dropped a spring through the carb and it damaged the valve.

    All tires are less then 1.5 years old

    Have tons of spare shear bolts, 3 sets of blades for ghs deck, 2 sets for side discharge, spare deck gear box, spare belts.
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    I am always thinking of new ways to generate sales by working together with other companies. I know the weekend warriors are hurting the LCO's.

    My business pretty much focuses on the sale and installation of large landscaping trees. My website has a complete price list and pictures.

    But what I was throwing out there as an extra service for LCO's in the Milwaukee/Ozaukee Area – is to add tree sales and installation to your lineup of services that you provide to the customers that you come in contact with. My prices very reasonable with plenty of room for markup to make your business more profitable. I would take care of the install ect. so no additional machinery would be needed on your end. Just make the sale and collect the markup.

    Let me know your thoughts - Like I said it was just an idea. I think one of the biggest keys to success in a competitive business is networking. Let me know if you have any other ideas on how we can work together.

    Check out my website to get a better idea about my business.

    Good luck to you all!

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    steven: Good luck with that, I like your idea actually, I don't really plant to many trees. But one way that I've found to cut costs is to move in with the compitetion. Granted I still work for someone cutting grass and I try to stick to hardscapes, but we share the same shop and (Not so share) equipment. He uses my truck and trailer to haul lawn mowers and I use his skid loader when I need it, we even talked about winter of using my older trucks for salting and his for plowing. Granted it may seem like the short end of the stick but in sense we are helping each other out, I get enough jobs subbed to me from him. But be warned only really do this with someone you trust, and has a small crew.

    Other news: Milwaukee Area: I was away for NTC for the Reserves from Jun 30th to July 27th, I'm sure everything is long gone but worth a shot. Thevies stripped a few trucks, the worse being mine and a mason's truck. I'm missing a Stihl TS400 (I didn't write down the numbers yet cause I bought it off craigslist 2 days before I left) but S/N starts with a 1 6 and is marked "LES 262-490-2883" inside the air filter cover, Box of Craftsman tools in a blue plano type box, 3 ton jack stands, 3 shots of 100ft of climbing rope, a list of Struction tools, Road cones, chains and binders, Cordless Dewalt 18V hammer Drill, sawsall, skil saw, and radio, and 2 blue Jackson wheel barrels. The other guy is missing both Weatherguard tool box and pack rat drawer units packed with mason tools. Unfortantly my insurance will not cover my loss and the army may reimburse a bit of it.
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    Hey Guys, Happy New Year to you all. Snow seems too be about average. Lets hope for a little more in 10 and to a good growing season ahead. Selling a hedge clipper. PM me if interested. Echo HC-1600 24 inch double sided. $120.00


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