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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by MOW ED, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Hi Chad,
    I am glad you took my suggestions as I wasn't trying to sound like a know it all, just someone who has been around a bit and willing to help. You do have to pay sales tax weather or not you do it as an add on to a fixed rate or not is up to you. You can look at this pdffrom the state.


    You have to set your own account up and submit the tax monthly. I don't do anything to tax in the winter but I do file a zero return for those months.

    Go to this site to start your account.


    It is a state law to collect sales tax and I would suggest you do it. I know guys that don't but I am not one of them. I don't want to be on the bad side of the tax man.

    Otherwise your marketing plan sounds good. I usually wait until the snow starts to melt a bit and people start thinking spring. I have put literature out early and have people call me 2 years later. If they are interested they will keep yourstuff, people always surprise me. Thats one thing that helps keep this fun. Good luck on running the numbers. I just want to see our industry and people in it get better. Like I say, anyone can cut grass but not everyone can run a business. I am thinking you can do it. Take care.
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    thanks. got it set up. so now i can pay my taxes. yeah i really dont want to be on the wrong side of the tax man.
    any thing else i NEED to know???
    thanks again
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    Hi Chad, Make sure your accountant knows about the law. Print that pdf out. You get to deduct some of this stuff. Make sure you keep excellent records, ie gas reciepts, mileage, everything that you pay for in the business should be recorded and have proof. I am assuming that you are not a certified applicator. You can't apply anything except for straight fertilizer. No pre-emergent, no spraying unless you are certified.
    Make sure you are covered with business insurance for you equipment. You should also make sure your truck has a "business" endorsement because it is different than a personal policy. If you get in a crash and are working they will possibly and probably not pay because you have to have business coverage on the truck. Tak=lk to your agent. Other than that I would say to start to get ready for the season and get the flyers printed. If I think of anything else I will pass it along. I hope I wasn't the bearer of bad news. No one likes to pay taxes but its a cost of business. If you are going to estimate someone you can say that the cost is $XX per mow plus sales tax. So an example for me is I pay 5.5% sales tax and a $30.00 job gets billed $30.00 plus $1.65 tax. We collect that and send it in electronically each month.
    You may also want to ask your accountant about forming a LLC. Its alot to get into here but an accountant will know if you should with your business. You can also do that online. http://www.wisconsin.gov/state/byb/LLcompany.html

    Lot more to it than gassin up the ole Murray and cuttin hey? I think you are headin in the right direction. You sound serious about succeeding so I am giving you a hand. Take care, the snow is melting here.
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    I am certified in two areas of pesticide app. Just not turf n landscaping. Got my book on its way now and gonna take the test the end of the month. I do snow removal to, it where I started. so now just adding lawn care and landscaping. So I do keep all my receipts. I call to get a quote on ins today. Business ins, will that cover my truck as well? Or is it a separate policy?

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Cool that you have the pest certs so you kind of know what to expect for turf. Its decent training. Your truck insurance is a different policy than your business liability. Make sure your business liability also covers your applications.
    You are getting most of your bases covered. Now you have to make sure you are charging enough to cover those expenses but better yet make a profit. Thats what its all about. Take Care.
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    Welcome aboard Chad. Glad to have you. We all learn from each other. You are getting some great advice from ED. He is one one the reasons my wife and I are still in business. Gave us plenty to think about over the years. I just recently past the Minnesota/Wisconsin School of Turfgrass Management. Great school! It was held in Green Bay this year so I took it. Golf guys, sod guys, fert salesmen, landscapers, and I meet a few lawn maintenance guys. Mark from Lawnmasters in Howard, said he would like to join us next time we have a breakfast, maybe its time to try it again. I know the last one only three of us showed up. Kind of dyed out after that. PR
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    heck weather and schedule premitting I'd go. Also if anybody is interested it appears Birchwood off Silverspring in Milwaukee is having a big equipment sale. Probably all beat but you never know.
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    next friday 9 in appleton somewhere? i know i have a lot of questions

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    Anyone going to the Reinders trade show / conference this week? Is it worth attending?
  10. PR Fect

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    Its one of the best shows in the Midwest. It cost a little, but I have always got much out of it. Good food, good door prizes too. Much information. Classes count for CEU for certification. Can't make it this year with a storm coming on the 9th and late getting some bids out this week. PR

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