Wish I had more customers like this guy...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SomervilleLawncare, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I was mowing for one of my customers yesterday. This guy spends his summers on Lake Michigan so he is never around. He has a beautiful home and lawn which I really enjoy mowing. While I was weed eating he pulled in the drive and came out to talk to me. He said the lawn looked great and he was very happy with my service but we needed to talk about the price. I figured he was going to try and talk me down. Instead he told me he was going to raise my rate by $10 a week because he appreciated the job I was doing.

    I just thought I would share a good story instead of the bad ones we are used to hearing about pita customers. It just goes to show there are still people out there who appreciate a well done job.

    I know its only $10 a week, but it sure makes me feel good about my work.
  2. Az Gardener

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    So if he was willing to volunteer a 10 raise how much would he have been willing to pay if you had just bid the job higher. Everyone is so focused on price... yipee for me I suppose, but I think a lot of you leave money on the table. Congrats on the raise.
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    dont see that too often
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    Somerville..That is Great to hear! refeshing to know as you mentioned..the work is being appreciated. Without sidetracking to far- I had a renter pay me $25 too much once on a rent check at a duplex- I showed him his mistake..He said,.. no mistake-HE decided I should raise his rent! He paid the extra for the next year until he moved. Kind of on the same line, but not Lawn care, so sorry, but had to share. You must be doing good work there Somerville- Congrats. Geno

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