Wish i had my camera!


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Saw a guy today mowing by one of my customers houses driving a Nissan 300ZX towing a cheapo 4x4 trailer with his walkbehind on it, pulled out the ramps and string trimmer from the trunk, don't know how he fit those in the car? Sharp car though , i guess he needs to make those payments somehow!


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dirty jersey
thats the only way he can prove to uncle sam that is a company car.


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Do you guys ever take pictures of interesting things you see? We usually take pictures of things out of the ordinary (like BIG accidents, cars on fire, ducks on customers roof, etc) .. I even took a picture of when our trailer fell off of the hitch and stuck us on the side of the road!



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This year I started carring a Polaroid camera around. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Eric ELM

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I carry my digital in the truck 95% of the time. I got a picture of a Hawk on a lawn we mow last month. I have seen geese on a roof of a house where we mow. I didn't have the camera that day. :mad:


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stanfield nc
Truck quit on me once and I had to pull
my small trailer with a festiva.
Looked funny I held my accts until the
truck was ready. You do what you gotta do


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Jaclawn, LOL. Not really it actually happened to me over here as well. A few years ago I was driving a small tilt
tray and the electrics caught fire in the cab.We had to load it onto another tilt tray to get it back to the depot.
Most embarassing. :)



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That's kind of like SOMEONE on here, I'm not sure who it was now, that is a fireman, told us of their firetruck catching on fire. Talk about bad stigma! Not to make humor of it or anything- but different!