wish me luck, today i teach a pesticide tech class

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassman177, Feb 15, 2009.

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    yep, not that any of you care, but those of you who have multiple techs working under you for pesticide apps you know what i am talking iabout. i have to give 8 hrs of class training to our guys for pesticide use, safety and laws etc. yyyeahh. real fun. it is pretty boring. we have approved training manuals to use, but wondering what youall do for this?
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    Been There Done That and Have the TEE Shirt to prove it. Preparation is key to giving a successful seminar. I don't believe people realize how much time you spend getting ready.
  3. grenskpr

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    I'm taking the easy route and taking my guys to an all day seminar Wed. conducted by the Alabama Turfgrass Assoc. Great line up of speakers + lunch for $40 a man.

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    Hey bud -- I'm sure you will do fine cuz your experience is their best resource. Sure -- safety, laws, etc need to be covered, but these things have less importance in regard to the 'day to day experiences/operations' your students need to know about when it comes to working at a job -- I turned down two college teaching jobs in the past cuz I did not want the government headaches -- too often the "MAN" had no clue as to what's going on in the real world. IMO

    So I say -- tell 'em your story. Take 'em on as many field trips as possible so they can see exactly what they can expect. Tell 'em to stay up-to-date via the web & industry reps regarding pesticides, equipment, etc.

    On the job training for during college is a very good thing -- let 'em choose where they want to go. Bottom line -- they won't be happy unless they find something they are interested in.....otherwise, they will never be happy --- whether it's the green industry or not.

    My 2 cents worth


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    Good luck with the class that you'll be teaching.
  6. grassman177

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    we put on a good show today. it was for of course the required training for our new technicians and one returning. it went well, we did some waling outside too for ID on weeds this time of year and went over all the euipemnt too. next is the field training, but most of them have expereince already withus spreding fert, so it is the liquids, machines and techniques to learn while on the job. that is where it counts like american posted. they have to be able to use the equipment correctly, trea tthe whole yard and mix rightetc. well, off to play withthe new puppy!!!!you can see her in my post on pic forum
  7. br549oicu8

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    The training did go well and Grassman177 did an excellent job as a teacher I might add. I taught the math part to the guys. One of our other crew leaders handled MSDS labels, etc. Grassman did most of the rest of the training inside and outside.
    It was nice this year as the guys were more serious about wanting to learn than in the past. It actually made the time go much faster.
    Now the fun is filling out forms and submitting it all for tech licenses for the trainees.
  8. a plus bob

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    If you lose a applicator during the season or add another do you have to do this all over?
  9. br549oicu8

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    The certified applicators have to test thru the state. The training we did is for the other guys and it is for a Registered Tech license which allows them to do most of what a certified applicator can. The training for the Tech has to be every year. So to answer your question, we would have to train a new person.
    These guys have been with us a while so it was much easier this time.
  10. a plus bob

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    Indiana rts are through the state but if I loose an applicator they only give the test the first of the month plus takes month to get the card so they can go out on their own!

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