witch one?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by I mow in est, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. I mow in est

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    im lookin at getting a hedge trimmer. i was thinking of getting a end attachment for my stihl kombi, that has i belive 135 degree swivel..... so it would work, but im thinking it would be awkward doing low height stuff with it... it would be better for tall stuff.... then i was looking at a stihl hedge trimmer not a hedge trimmer attachment, but a hedge trimmer...... i just wouldnt be able to reach tall stuff..... money is tight, what would ur choice be?

    this is the hedge trimmer

    this would be similar to what my set up would be with the attachment for my kombi

    so witch one?
  2. ajslands

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    The one that comes with the broom stick!
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    but I'd get the small one (non attachment)
  3. I mow in est

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    haha yeah tht kombi is awesome for everything..... but like i said i think it would be awkward movin tht stick around when doin smaller jobs... i can always use a small ladder for the stuff i think i like the smaller one, who knows lol thanks:drinkup:

    anyone else?

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