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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by BOEpavers, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. BOEpavers

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    The article referenced by the following link appeared in our local Sunday paper. My wife was livid when she read it and I wasn't any better. It is no wonder we professionals have such a hard time justifying our quotes to the general public. What blows my mind is it states the article was "assembled with help from the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute". Some of the rules must have changed since I took my certification! Please read and comment.

  2. newtostone

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    WOW i don't even know what to say, thats just a shock to see something so direct in its knowledge but so wrong.:dizzy:
  3. JimmyStew

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    I'm not sure what your all worked up about? We always use 2" of sand over roofing felt!

    Very true, too bad he didn't tell the reader how to actually prepare the base.

    Wow, that is the worst DIY directions I've ever seen. Someone should fire that guy, or better yet how about he pays a professional to come to his house and install a patio in just the manner he described. I bet he wouldn't call that money well spent.
  4. LawnVet

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    Next article "How to build your own house on a $1499 budget"

    Step 1. The junk yard has tons of wood and brick just sitting there. Bring it to the build site.
    Step 2. Prepare the build site. Lay some concrete down on the flattest area on the property.
    Step 3. Go buy $1498 of nails from the local hardware store. Any size will do.
    Step 4. Hammer nails into the wood and other junk you found, but use a rubber mallet because metal pieces could fly from a regular hammer.
    Step 5. Give the dude installing your neighbor's carpet the last $1 and he'll give it to you and install it for you for free...if not, he should.
    Step 6. Enjoy knowing your money was well spent on the house of your dreams. Now you can sleep at night knowing you didn't get conned by some greedy contractor.
  5. JohnnyRoyale

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    Thats funny!!!!:laugh::laugh:

    "Surface preparation is critical, so don't attempt to prep and install the pavers in the same weekend."
  6. BOEpavers

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    In addition to all the wrong ways to install, several other statements bothered me moreso. First, pricing. I don't know where he got his pricing for "octagon" pavers, I assume one of the big box home centers, but for $4 a sf I can get top of the line tumbled pavers in multiple sizes. Secondly, his statements set expectations for homeowners so when we come in and say we need to excavate 9", need Mirafi, need 6" of base, need edge restraint, and oh yeah, your backyard isn't level so we need some wall to hold up the outer edge of the patio, they look at us and say "the newspaper guy said we could do this for $400". If by chance we would get the job, then they're questioning our installation methods and why are they different than the newspaper (or DIY TV Show, or Family Handyman Magazine, etc. etc.) guy. I really wonder about the statement about the help from ICPI. He may have contacted them, and referenced their materials, but I don't think anything in that article could be found in ICPI recommended installation guidelines. In essence, he further diluted the validity of the ICPI certification. I guess I have to go out and get some roofing felt to keep in the trailer - the newspaper guy said so!!!
  7. Lite4

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    After that homeowner has been striking the cold chisel with the RUBBER mallet for about an hour to make his first cut, I am sure your phone will be ringing and they will be cussing out this ignorant reporter.
  8. shovelracer

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    Place the blade on the scratch mark and strike the chisel. Don't use a hammer; metal chips might fly.

    Articles like these are the reasons we get to go on estimates, only to be questioned on our practices, told to only use 4" base to save money, and then rejected cause 14K is a little more than the $1500 the homeowner expected to spend.
  9. Lite4

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    Some homeowners must believe that we are all independently wealthy. "You should only be charging me this much because you don't need to make a living at this, Ha, Ha, your doing it because you love it.....Right?"
  10. JimmyStew

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    Hey guys, I was just wondering...I'm putting together a proposal for a patio for this fall. I noticed I had a few rolls of plastic in the shed. I was wondering if I could substitute that for the roofing felt? That should keep the weeds down as well, shouldn't it.

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