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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Sprinkus, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Wet_Boots

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    My gripe is that you can't swap out a defective valve body from a manifold, which in my case would really be a problem.
  2. jvanvliet

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    GACK, is that your handywork? I take it you weren't planning on coming back to this particular job site.

    As an aside, I'm not so sure I'd ever put in a valve I had to glue in, threaded only and then only Irritrol or Rainbird.

    Chinese CRAP... not made to US specs and then each Chinese manufacturer has a slightly different understanding what US specs are. I've gotten Chinese fittings and the SCD 40 just turns freely inside. I'm afraid to glue it. Now I have to check that the pipe will fit securely in the fittings before I buy bulk. I'll be FUBARED when they start making PVC pipe...
  3. Kiril

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    The gray fittings are for electrical conduit. :hammerhead: :laugh:
  4. Sprinkus

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    Pipe was beveled and the inlets on the valves did not appear out of round.

    Hydrostatic tests prove Nitro resistance to cracking at over 700 psi?
  5. Mike Leary

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    I've had problems with both Dura fittings and off-brand pvc pipe being too small or too large. Once I went to Spears/Lasco fittings and quality PVC pipe, problems went away. :clapping:
  6. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    I really try to avoid every brand except for Spears. They make the best fittings in the induxtry IMO
  7. Wet_Boots

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    I don't remember any problems with Lasco or Dura, although the last few marlex ells from Dura lacked the "interference fit" that I look for to ease the positioning of the arc, not that ratcheting heads make that increasingly less important.
  8. jvanvliet

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    Unfortunately I don't have much choice in selection :cry:. There are only two supply houses within reasonable distance of me. I have to buy what they are stocking or go to (gasp) home depot or lowes, their crap is bound to be made in the freedom and peace loving socialist republic of China.

    When I have a choice I prefer Lasco, that's all Killpatric carried until they were bought out by Horizon and now they want to be a big box company, all things to all people. You can tell their product line is going down hill when they start carrying K-Rain valves (made in China) and they have to special order Irritrol :hammerhead:.
  9. jvanvliet

    jvanvliet LawnSite Gold Member
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    Gray fittings? WTF R U talking about :dizzy: I know the difference between SCD 80 & SCD 40. Does that mean I shouldn't use a gray fitting for irrigation, ever?
  10. Wet_Boots

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    Oh ye of little faith - those manifolds last and last (knock wood) ~ Thank you Richdel

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