woke up to a call from the fire battalion chief

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    jss: your signature reminds of the story of the two friends who each pulls into the gas station at the same time. They're pumping gas. The one said, "Look at this old truck of mine, has 142,000 miles on it, needs repairs. I really think I ought to sell it while I can still get a few bucks out of it."

    His friend said, "If you're gonna sell it, you oughta' go see my cousin Ray. He can take care of your odometer and make it show a lot less miles."

    A couple weeks later they see each other again. One friend says "I see you still have the old truck. Haven't been able to sell it?" His buddy replies "Heck, why would I sell it? I took it to Ray and now it only has 50 thousand on it."
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    That did make me laugh. Both of the mower's are 1999 model's and when something need's replacing, I just fix it and move on. So this past winter I ordered new decal's and the Ferris red was too high so I painted them both IH red. Now they remind me of the days when I was younger working for my grandfather riding around in his 1968 loadstar 1700 which is the same color.(I learned how to drive a staight shift on this truck) Oh, how I wish for one day in that dumptruck with him.

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